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    A woman comfortably sitting on an ESD safe ergonomic chair

    BEVCO: The Ultimate Seating Solution

    Ergonomic seating has become an inevitable requirement for industrial and general office spaces to increase productivity and sustain your health. Proper seating is mandatory to satisfy the workaholic in you. Only a recognized brand can give you the support you need to obtain a healthy sitting posture.   

    A workspace with a black upholstered chair, a laptop, and essential office accessories

    Bevco, a leading ergonomic chair manufacturers, has reinvigorated the workplace with its quality seating solutions. We have come across many articles describing how to sit in a chair to ensure a healthy back, but the prime factors reside in choosing the right ergonomic chair to keep you comfortable and productive.  has renovated the workplaces with its quality seating solutions.


    The Bevco brand has over 70 years of experience manufacturing high-quality ergonomic chairs for educational institutions, healthcare, cleanrooms, labs, and industrial sectors. According to the requirements of many customers, Bevco designs flexible & customized chairs by keeping your comfort and overall wellness at the top of the list. 


    Bevco seating in workspace


    Bevco has merged styling and solution to give your workplace a classy look along with ergonomic features. Let's flick through some of the excellent product supplies from Bevco that could improve your work surface and health. 

    Certified Product Supplies from Bevco 

    Quality ergonomic chairs are needed to safeguard employees from musculoskeletal disorders, which can be caused by the continued stress placed on the body when it’s seated in an awkward position. Ergonomic furniture is an incredible investment in a healthy and happy workplace which will result in more productivity and efficiency, increased focus, less fatigue, less work injuries and overall time taken off of work



    Bevco 1000 Plywood Series



    From Bevco, You can choose the perfect chair based on your work environment, product type, weight capacity, base type, and application. Here are some peerless features of Bevco Chairs that will improve any workplace: 

    1. Customized Chairs Fit for Your Work Environment

    Depending on the work environment and industrial specifications, Bevco supplies versatile chairs that are easily adjustable and ergonomic. It has a large collection of chairs with sealed pneumatic cylinders, vinyl covering, and ergonomic ESD safe seating solutions that are ideal to use in the cleanroom environment, general office spaces, and educational institutions.

    Some of their cleanroom chairs that meet ANSI/BFIMA standards are:

    2. Seating Products with Unique Designs and Functions

    There are multi-folds of chairs available in the market. But it is imperative to choose according to the product type. Based on the constructional design and functional quality, chairs are classified as:

    Upholstered Chairs and Stools

    Upholstered Chairs and stools are ebbed with soft padding fabric and spring connections to retain flexibility and comfort. It gives a luxurious look along with versatility. Some of the upholstered chair supplies include:

    A black color upholstered chair from Bevco

    Polyurethane Chairs

    Polyurethane is made of plastic resins that are used to coat surfaces of furniture. Polyurethane coating ensures durability, design flexibility, sunlight & water resistance, and breathability. Moreover, it protects the chairs from scratches and heat-trapping. 

    Breva polyurethane  task chair for workplaces

    Some of the commonly used Polyurethane chairs are:

    Special Sit Stands and Plywood Seatings

    Sit-stand desks are imperative for employees who need to continuously work by standing for a long time. Sit-stand desk provides a short relief amidst the busy works. It has a pneumatic height adjustment feature and 360-degree swivel with a lifetime warranty on the cylinder.  

    Work-supportive special sit-stand seating from Bevco with a 360-degree swivel

    3. High-quality Base Material

    For every chair, the base is a crucial part that determines the strength. Chairs manufactured using low-quality bases will create accidents. Bevco chairs are made using a high-quality base like:

    4. High Load bearing Capacity

    Bevco offers high-end seating solutions that could support heavy users to ordinary users. 300 Pounds, 350 Pounds, and 500 Pounds are guaranteed weight capacities for flexible chairs. 

    Bevco has turned out to be one of the endorsed ergonomic seating solutions for industries, healthcare units, clean rooms, shops, and offices. From home improvement chairs to large industrial draft chairs, it has in store various types of seating furniture required to improve your workplace.   

    Bevco chairs in work area featuring multiple workbenches with soldering and rework.

    Let’s Gear up with Bevco

    Gokimco is one of the trusted dealers of Bevco products. Since its inception in 1978, Gokimco has been supplying reliable seating solutions to the American population. The quality supplies has made life and works easy and productive. 

    Choose chairs from the extensive collection at Gokimco to enhance your workspace with ergonomic and ESD safe seating solutions.
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