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    Image of a person soldering a circuit board

    Chemtronics: The Reliable and Productive Solution for Electrical & Electronic Industries

    From Precision cleaning to repair tools, Chemtronics has in store a wide range of solutions to improve your workspace and households. Chemtronics began its journey in 1958 by distributing electronic maintenance and repair products for electrical, electronics & telecommunication industries.

    With 60+ years of legacy, it has now emerged as a reliable brand that supplies high-quality products to Fiber Optic & Telecommunication, Aviation & Aerospace Industry, Life Sciences & Electronic Assembly and Cleaning.

    An aircraft on the runway

    Photo by Spencer Davis from Pexels

    Chemtronics is a sought-after solution to the manufacturing and industrial units. Let's flip through some of the stellar product supplies from Chemtronics that could improve your workplace. 

    Quality Product Supplies from Chemtronics 

    Chemtronics products are designed specifically for a lead-free application. High-quality ozone-safe equipment and power tools are manufactured to use in an aggressive environment. Moreover, reliable and productive life hack products with high performance and durability are supplied by Chemotronics.

    Image of a Chemtronics product from Gokimco

    1. Conformal Coating

    Chemtronics Conformal Coatings have excellent insulation properties that protect printed circuit boards from salt spray moisture, contamination, corrosion, and fungal damages. 

    Being an engineered solution, conformal coatings are mostly used in aviation and marine manufacturing units to improve the efficiency and performance quality of the products to work in a harsh environment. The two main categories of conformal coating are:

    Conformal Silicone Coating from Chemtronics

    2. Repair and Rework Products

    Chemtronics supplies include high-quality repair and rework products that make electronic circuit maintenance easy and effortless. From cleaning lubricants to old circuit board reparation, Chemtronics has first-rate products in various forms (liquid and gaseous forms) that are perfect for circuit repair works. 

    Chemtronics repair and rework products mend defective traces without causing any damage to the component. Some of the repair and rework product supplies include:

    3. Aerosol Dusters and Freeze-Spray

    Compressed gas inside the aerosol dusters and freeze spray help to remove dust particles and locate faulty components where ultra-cleaning is required. You cannot use water to clean sensitive electronic equipment. Aerosol dusters clean sensitive equipment effectively without causing any damage to the product and employees. 

    Aerosol dusters and freeze spray are ideal to use on a Printed circuit board, computers and keyboards, laboratory instruments, medical devices, Programmable logic controllers, switches, and solenoids that can't be cleaned or processed with liquid cleaners. 

    Non-flammable, ozone-safe aerosol spray for cleaning sensitive spaces

    Photo by Matilda Wormwood from Pexels

    Moreover, their ozone-safe and non-flammable properties make them eco-friendly and safe for industrial uses.  

    4. Isopropyl Alcohol Products 

    Isopropyl Alcohol products are certified cleaners or sanitisers used in the electronic industry. Chemtronics supplies standard Isopropyl products that efficiently remove flux residues, fingerprints, oil stains, carbon deposits, and mold release. Unlike water components, isopropyl cleaners dry fastly making the cleaning process easier and quicker. 

    Some of the commonly used Isopropyl products are:

    5. Solder Mask

    Chemtronics solder mask provides a protective layer on circuit boards and terminals to eliminate any risk of oxidation. It also ensures temperature protection from molten solder. A solder mask is ideal for precision application on electronic objects. 

    Peelable solder masking product from Chemtronics

    Here are some of the solder masks supplied by Chemtronics. 

    6. Cleanroom Swabs

    Chemtronics supplied cleanroom swabs are high-end precision cleaning tools used to reduce adhesive based ionic contamination or residue formation on electronic equipment. Swabs can be used in the critical manufacturing environment. The soft wrapping layer around the swabs protects them from scratches and any sort of breakages. 

    A cleanroom swab for critical medical assistance
    Image by wixin lubhon from Pixabay
    Some of the high-quality cleanroom slabs include:

    7. Statfree Hand Guard Lotion

    Protect your hands from harsh environmental stress using statfree handguard lotion supplied by Chemtronics. It helps to reduce the risk of electrostatic discharge and save your skin from chemical irritation and allergy. The aloe vera and vitamin E contents on the lotion rejuvenate your skin and body by eliminating the possible risk of contamination.   

    8. Desolder Braids and Desolder Wicks 

    Desolder Braid removes excess solder from the circuit board without damaging the components. The solder braid kept on the excess solder liquefies the harsh solder residues without damaging the electronic products and operational capability. 

    A person using desolder iron to remove excess solder from a circuit board

    Photo by ThisIsEngineering from Pexels

    Some of the high-quality solder braids supplied by Chemtronics include:

    Chemtronics: The Engineered Product Suppliers

    Gokimco is a trusted dealer of Chemtronics products. It supplies essential cleaning solutions and power tools to operate in a critical environment. The maintenance services and solutions offered by Chemtronics make them an ideal distributor of certified products for the electrical and electronic manufacturing industry. Choose from the extensive collection at Gokimco for Chemtronic products to improve your workplace.
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