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    SKU C-31040ESD


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    The ITW Chemtronics Coventry 31040ESD Static Control Swabs are engineered to eliminate damage from static electricity. The handles of these swabs will dissipate 99% of a 5,000 volt (5 KV) charge in less than 2.0 seconds.

    Chemtronics Coventry® 31040ESD Features:
    • Static dissipative plastic alloy used to make the handles is inherently static dissipative.
    • Contains no additives, coatings or surfactants
    • Functions at any level of humidity and it is very resistant to solvents — even acetone.
    • Packaging: 500/bag
    • Material: Knit Polyester
    • Swab length and width: 2.8"x0.10"
    • Head length, thickness and width: 0.44"x0.12"x0.12"