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    Two men in ESD safe clothing carrying storage boxes

    Advanced Storage Solutions: Go Keyless with Metro Standard Electronic Storage Security

    Metro has emerged as a complete storage solution for households, businesses & industries. With over 90 years of experience in quality product supplies, Metro has come up with advanced storage solutions that help industries to become more organized and productive.

    Metro distributes quality electronic storage solutions to food services, health infrastructure, and commercial spaces to ensure high-end storage solutions with enhanced security. The recent electronic pin lock innovation for storage cabinets has provided industries, households, and businesses with a standard digital lock system to prevent damage and loss. 

    Metro Keyless Lock System

    Security at Your fingertip: Key Features and Benefits

    Metro's standard electronic keyless pin lock provides robust security inside a heavy wire gauge. You can see the products kept inside the wire gauge as it has an open design. But the digital lock, which enables 20 different codes and 5+ years of battery life, gives advanced security features and benefits to the users.

    Metro Keyless Lock System

    From Metro:
    Electronic Keyless PIN Locking System 

    "Allow users to access the contents of the cart without worrying about losing or possessing traditional keys. It provides fast and easy access for up to 19 users and 1 supervisor using unique 4-8 digit codes. PIN lock is low maintenance with 5+ years battery life and hassle free with no software or feature programming making it simple to use and easy to maintain. Epoxy coated lock chassis is suitable for basic rust resistant storage requirements."


    Moreover, epoxy-coated heavy gauges control oxidation or rusting by keeping sensitive equipment safe and durable. From Stationary Open Cabinets to Mobile and Heavy-Duty Cabinet Storage, Metro has an extensive & flexible storage solution fit for effective transportation.  

    Metro Mobile Storage Shelving Unit with Keyless Pin Security Lock


    Some of the high-quality security storage options available at Metro include:

    Unlike ordinary storage solutions, electronic security cabins have some peerless specifications. Here are some gradable benefits of using Metro distributed electronic keyless storage.

    1. Protection from Microbial contamination   

    Metro Q and Metro Green model storage solution offers protection from microbial contamination by ensuring long-lasting productivity. The anti-microbial electronic shelving units are ideal to store food components, sensitive equipment, and other commercial products without worrying about any kind of adulteration and harmful bacterial growth.   

    2. Easy Cleaning and Maintenance 

    Metro digital security shelving provides smooth mobility through Swivel Casters, making the cleaning process easy and effortless. The floors and surrounding walls can be easily cleaned by moving the storage cabins according to your comfort & requirements. The open design structure helps in the easy dusting of accumulated contaminants while ensuring product safety.    

    Image of a metro swivel caster

    Moreover, easy assembling and effortless mobility through the swivel casters ensure hassle-free shipping and maintenance. And the leveling flexibility offered by Metro Shelving makes it ideal to use on uneven surfaces.  

    3. Ergonomic and ESD safe door handles

    Ergonomic and ESD-safe double door handles are designed to reduce injury risk. Non-slip Door Handles are meticulously designed to eliminate any kind of ESD hazards or uneasiness. You can easily open and close the ergonomic doors of the security wire gauge, and the doors can be secured along the side of the units, unlike the ordinary units. 

    4. Open Design Construction

    The ready view of contents helps to cross-check the inventory when it is out for shipping or delivery. The open design makes it comfortable to inspect the elements without opening the lock.  

    5. Adaptable Intermediate Shelves 

    You can add or remove the Interior/Intermediate Shelves according to your comfort and requirements. Metro storage solutions are designed with adaptable fitting options. Arrange the room and storage cabinets according to your creativity without worrying about the space constraints. 

    Metro Erectra Chrome Shelf Divider

    To make effective use of the Metro supplied electronic keyless pin lock and security units, you need to be aware of some application guidelines. These optimization instructions are necessary to leverage the best performance to bring the optimum result.

    Directions for Storage Use

    Here are some crucial instructions you need to follow while using Metro Distributed Security Cabins with the electronic keyless pin. 

    • Keep the electronic security cabin away from harsh disinfectants like autoclaves and chemical fogging.
    • Avoid contact with freezers, coolers, and cart wash chambers.
    • Accepted continuous usage range- 50-120⁰ F.

    Metro Supplies: Reliable Electronic Security Cabins for Safe Storage  

    Keyless security cabins have become an effective solution to bring high-end security. Metro Super Erectra Mobile Security Cabinet and Adjustable Mobile Shelf Wiring Unit are specially built to provide flexible storage solutions with a reliable digital locking system.  

    Metro products collage

    At Gokimco, you will find advanced storage solutions from Metro that enhance shipment and transportation facilities by providing quality deliverance and user experience. 

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