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    Table with soldering products

    7 Essential Solder Product Supplies from Kester

    Kester has become a bandwagon in manufacturing solder and solder related products. From traditional solder tools for micro-markets to assembly materials, bar products, and wires, Kester provides complete solutions to electrical and electronic industries. 

    Integration of advanced technologies and quality material has provided electronic markets with necessary soldering and assembly solutions. Kester products are made using environment-friendly materials to balance the ecosystem and cater to development. 

    A person doing soldering works on a green circuit board

    Image by Bruno /Germany from Pixabay 

    Kester has conquered the Asian and European markets by supplying certified high-performing electronic products since its inception in 1899. Kester aims to provide gradable solutions to its customers by entering into every possible sector of the electronic supply chain. Here are some of the stellar products from Kester that will improve your workplace.

    Product Supplies from Kester

    When it comes to electrical and electronic industries, qualified products are necessary to ensure safety and productivity. A responsive and reliable brand is imperative to improve your workstation. Kester products guarantee trustable solutions with enhanced security and reliability. 

    Let's flick through some of the quality product supplies from Kester.

    1. Bar Solder

    Bar solders are used to reduce dross generated during a wave soldering process. They are ideal to use under critical temperature and prevent corrosion. Mostly used to solder copper or copper alloys, Bar Solders are easy to maintain and inculcates sustainable and cost-effective anti-drossing technology. 

    Image of a bar solder from Kester

    Some of the high-quality bar solders are:

    2. Solder Flux 

    A clean work surface is necessary for soldering. Remove oxides and impurities on work surfaces by using Kester solder flux. Improve your solder joints, electrical contact, and solder flow using Kester supplied solder flux. Moreover, Kester also distributes rosin flux, organic flux, inorganic acid flux and flux concentration control test kit.

    Here are some of the high-performing solder flux from Kester:

    3. Flux Remover

    Kester provides easily cleanable flux removers that clean flux and other contaminants on the work surface. Bio-Kleen Flux Remover is a workable solution that solubilizes hard flux components by leaving the work surfaces clean and shining.    

    Image of a Bio-clean flux remover from Kester

    4. Flux Pen

    Benchtop soldering works can be easily carried out using flux pens. Fill the flux into flux pens and apply it on work areas without spreading around the printed circuit boards. Designed for lead-free reworks and surface mount assembly applications, Kester flux pens offer high thermal stability and an improved cleaning facility. 

    Some of the excellent flux pens supply include:

    5. Lead-Free Solder Paste

    Surface Mount Technology integrated solder pastes are used for soldering electronic components on printed circuit boards. With superior wetting property, consistency in quality performance, and cleanability Kester Solder pastes are ranked the best.  

    Image of two soldering flux paste

    Image by bluebudgie from Pixabay 

    Some sought-after solder pastes from Kester includes:

    6. Kester Tech Spray

    Tech Spray protects soldered areas with flexible solder masking to prevent drossing during the wave soldering process. Easily peelable Tech Spray Masks have non-flammable properties and are manufactured using latex rubber. 

    7. Solder Wire

    Corrosion-free solder wires from Kester showcase excellent solderability and instant wetting properties. Kester provides high-performing soldering wires with durable performance and lead-free composition. 

    Image of soldering iron and a soldering wire

    Image by Bruno /Germany from Pixabay 

    Some of the solder wires distributed by Kester include:

    Kester: A Certified Solution for Electronic & Electrical Industry  

    Advanced technology integrated solutions from Kester has provided electronic sectors across Asia and Europe with brilliant solder related products. Find the best quality Kester product supplies from, Total Package for Electronics & Industry at Gokimco, and improve your workplace safety. Make your soldering process easy and reliable with our quality products. 
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