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    Top-sought industrial handtool collection

    7 Top-Sought Technology-Integrated Precision Tools from Excelta

    Excelta has become a complete solution for general electronics and high-end mechanical works. It distributes premier quality assembly tools to the Military Electronics, Consumer Electronics, Medical Device Manufacturing, Electronic Assembly, and Repair industries.

    Excelta started its journey in the mid-1950s by supplying quality watchmaker tools to the Aerospace industry. Later with the assistance of cutting-edge technologies, Excelta started offering custom solutions to its consumers.

    A collection of hand tools like pliers and tweezers

    Image by Pexels from Pixabay

    With its quality product supplies, Excelta has emerged as an established supplier of assembly tools in large industries like Intel, Agilent, IBM, and Hewlett Packard. The professional assistance from Excelta helps industries to frame quality solutions to overcome challenges. Moreover, It provides a value-added modification to the products to enhance customer satisfaction. 

    Here are some quality product supplies from Excelta that will help you in manufacturing and repair works.

    Technology-Integrated Premier Products from Excelta

    Excelta has been successful in providing on-time defect-free solutions to various industries understanding the client requirements. Technology integrated solutions have modified the operational capability of precision tools. Let’s flip through some of the hand tools distributed by Excelta:

    1. Tweezers or forceps

    Tweezers are ideal for picking minute particles without damaging the sensitive component. It is available in various styles, sizes, and shapes. Moreover, Excelta ensures ESD-safety to protect products and personnel from damage and possible electrocution.  

    A dentist using a tweezer for clinical purpose

    Photo by Cedric Fauntleroy from Pexels

    Some of the high-quality tweezer varieties from Excelta include:

    2. Pliers

    Pliers are hand tools used to assert a firm grip on an object. Ergonomically designed ESD-safe Excelta pliers allow us to cut, compress, and hold hot components tightly without causing any damage to the personnel and components. Also, Excelta has installed a Laser technology-assisted innovation to provide the finest pliers with high functionality. 

    Some of the high-quality pliers distributed from Excelta are:

    3. Scissors

    Apart from general purpose scissors, Excelta offers a wide range of scissors for medical use and surface mount application. Available in a variety of sizes and shapes, Excelta scissors are the best tool to improve work efficiency.

    Scissors in different sizes and shapes

    Photo by Nick Demou from Pexels

    Some of the scissor varieties include:

    4. High Precision Brushes

    Excelta offers high precision fiber retention brushes fit for a cleanroom environment and laboratory purposes. There are ESD safe applicator brushes, heat resistant brushes, Cleanroom safe brushes, instrument cleaning brushes, Bench brushes, and other varieties. 

    Some of the high precision brushes supplied by Excelta include:

    5. Common Precision Hand Tools

    Precision hand tools are necessary for households application and large manufacturing works. The hand tools supplement your productivity by providing assistance in minor shaping works that require high precision.

    A collection of precision hand tools

    Photo by C Technical from Pexels

    Some of the high quality common work improvement tools supplied by Excelta include:

    6. Excelta Test Equipment

    Excelta offers foolproof testing equipment with Bluetooth connectivity. The testing equipment ensures the proper functioning of sensitive components and surface mount technology-enabled devices. Rechargeable R-C-L TweezerMeter™ is one of the test equipment offered by Excelta. 

    7. Vacuum Tools

    From handy vacuum tools to general-purpose vacuum tools, Excelta offers easily handleable vacuum pick up systems. Moreover, it guarantees a long-life diaphragm pump and neatly handles surface mount components.    

    A person using a vacuum cleaner to clean the floor

    Photo by Anete Lusina from Pexels

    Custom tool designing is what makes Excelta a sought-after choice among the precision tool suppliers. By understanding the customer requirements, Excelta is ready to modify the tools with a fit and finish design to make it a perfect suite for its customers. 

    Excelta: The Perfect Power Tools for Work Improvement

    Excelta is the finest choice that provides customized tools fit for your industrial requirements. Gokimco being a trusted dealer of Excelta offers a wide collection of assembly products. Choose from the extensive collection at Gokimco to improve your workspace. Find the accurate precision tools required to ensure the quality of your work. 


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