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    A person soldering a circuit board

    JBC Tools: Engineered Soldering Solution for High Precision Works

    Soldering and rework systems are integral to the electronic and manufacturing industries. JBC is a responsive and certified distributor of superior soldering and rework systems. For precision application and high-power application, JBC distributes a wide variety of soldering tools fit for your customized needs. 

    The lead-free hand soldering and desoldering products by JBC have durable tip life and showcase extensive operational capability fit for various industrial usage. At an affordable cost, JBC offers high-quality soldering products to beginners and stalwarts of the manufacturing industries. 

    Soldering iron with black and orange handle

    Photo by cottonbro from Pexels

    Some of the top-most benefits of using JBC distributed products are:

    • Soldering at low temperature & fastest temperature recovery system 
    • Boosts productivity and reliability
    • Durable products with 5 times longer tip life 
    • Distributes ergonomic tools with 400 different cartridges
    • Easy set-up and customer-friendly navigation
    • Soldering and rework station with compact and modular configuration
    • Hassle-free communication and product supervision through web manager and the station controller 
    • R&D wing ( Research & Development) continuously improve authenticity and efficiency   

    Soldering and desoldering solution from JBC is a reliable choice if you are looking for precision and efficiency in your work. Here are some of the outstanding product supplies from JBC:

    Excellent Product Supplies from JBC

    JBC tools are easy to carry and provide an ergonomic solution for industries. Some of the products from JBC include:

    1. Soldering and Rework Stations 

    Soldering and rework stations play an imperative role in electronic and electrical engineering. Adjustable temperature, USB connectivity, and ESD safety are some of the attributes of JBC soldering stations. JBC also incorporates compact and modular stations to fulfill your requirements.

     Image of a soldering station

    Image by Bruno /Germany from Pixabay 

    Some of the stellar soldering stations from JBC include:

    2. Cartridges

    JBC offers around 400 cartridges with unique designs fit for your perzonalised soldering needs.  Moreover, it designs customized cartridges according to the requirements of the customers. With enhanced thermal efficiency and tip geometries, JBC cartridges are one step ahead of its competitors. 

    Here are some of the cartridges supplied by JBC:

    3. Soldering iron handle

    Comfortable and ergonomic grip are the keys to precision soldering. JBC offers manually controllable handles with enhanced ESD safety and non-slip features. 

    Soldering iron with a blue color ergonomic handle

    Image by Noupload from Pixabay 

    Some of the soldering iron handles from JBC Include:

    4. Wire Stripper Station

    JBC wire stripper stations are an ideal solution for cutting high-temperature wire insulations. It helps to cut heavy insulation materials like Kapton, Silicone, and rubber. USB connectivity, ESD-safety, and equipotential bonding are some of the features of wire stripper stations. 

    Some of the high-quality wire strippers supplies include:

    5. Soldering Tweezers

    Soldering Tweezers provide the highest precision while soldering on microchips and SMD (Surface Mount Devices) components. The ESD safe adjustable soldering tweezers provide engineered solutions to electronic and electrical industries.

    Image of a wire stripper from JBC

    Some of the JBC supplied soldering tweezers include:

    6. Soldering Tip Cleaners

    JBC supplies effective cartridge cleaners with metal bristles and a black core. It is designed to provide an intensive cleaning by removing solder residues from soldering iron tips. Soldering tip cleaners are ideal for preventing oxidation and improving tip life. 

    High-quality solder tip cleaners supplied from JBC include: 

    Image of a universal tip cleaner from JBC

    Enhance Your Work Efficiency Using JBC Tools 

    An engineered precision-oriented solution is necessary to improve work efficiency and productivity. JBC offers high-end tools applicable for improvement, modification, reparation, and intelligent heat management processes. 

    At Gokimco, you will find a raft of JBC supplied products fit for electrical and manufacturing needs. Choose from the extensive brand collection at Gokimco to improve your workplace and increase the production rate. Get in touch to know more about product availability and shipping.
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