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    See a better price? Contact us and we'll match or beat it. (800) 521-9197 or Sales@GoKimco.com
    See a better price? Contact us and we'll match or beat it. (800) 521-9197 or Sales@GoKimco.com

    JBC NASE 2-Tools Nano Rework Station

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    NASE 2 Tools Nano Rework Station

    The NASE Station is the best solution for soldering and rework of SMT components requiring the highest precision.

    It works with the JBC Most Efficient Soldering System and the intelligent Hibernation mode.
    This station comes with the NT115-A Nano Handle & the AN115-A Adjustable Nano Tweezers. The short distance from the tip to the handle offers maximum control even when using a microscope.

    The NASE-C Rework Station works with the C115 Cartridge Range.

    As all the JBC Stations, the NANE has a menu with more than 10 parameters to customize the control unit.

    Selectable Temperature
    90 to 450 ºC / 190 to 840 ºF

    Pedal ( 1 per tool)
    Connect a pedal (ref.P-405) to control the tools. It allows using Nano tweezers for soldering.

    USB-B (rear)
    Software PC / Traceability
    USB-A (front)
    Firmware update Soldering Graphics management

    Robot RS-232 remote control or Smart Fume Extractor connection.

    Equipotential bonding
    Optional connection to EPA

    ESD safe

    Tip to ground resistance < 2 ohms

    Tip to ground voltage < 2 mV RMS

    Peak power 14 W per tool – 8.5 V

    Ambient operating temp. 10 to 50 ºC / 50 to 120 ºF

    Control Unit 170 x 90 x 135 mm / 2,50 kg
    6.7 x 3.5 x 5.3 in / 5.40 lb

    Package 280 x 280 x 164 mm / 2,99 kg
    11.0 x 11.0 x 6.5 in / 6.59 lb

    - 1 NAE Control Unit
    - 1 AN115-A Adjustable Nano Tweezers
    - 1 NT115-A Nano Handle
    - 1 C115101 Conical 0.1mm
    - 1 C115103 Conical 0.3mm
    - 1 C115105 Conical Bent 0.3mm
    - 1 C115107 Conical 0.8mm
    - 1 C115112 Knife 2.5mm x 0.3mm
    - 1 C115113 Chisel 1mm x 0.3mm
    - 1 P-405 Pedal