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    A person doing soldering work on a circuit board

    Metcal Handheld Tools For Benchtop Solutions

    Metcal has evolved as the premier distributor of benchtop solutions to manufacturers. Peerless and high-end product quality and risk mitigation factors have made Metcal the ultimate choice for electronic and electrical industries, automotive, aerospace, medical industry, and military sectors.  

    Metcal's unrelenting desire for innovation has empowered industrial units and global electronic markets. Smart Heat Technology and Connection Validation were two neoteric industrial advancements Metcal brought to supplement the manufacturing process. 

    A woman technician doing benchtop works

    Photo by Maria Lindsey Multimedia Creator from Pexels

    Flexible and reliable services are hallmarks of Metcal products. Over 39 years of service have improved the market credential of Metcal. Both micro-industries to top giants are now satisfied customers of Metcal products. Let's see some of the sought-after products supplied by Metcal. 

    High-quality Benchtop Solutions From Metcal

    Easily handleable benchtop tools are imperative for precision-oriented works. The efficiency of the product you manufacture depends highly on the equipment you use. Metcal guarantees high performing ESD-safe products customized for your requirements. 

    1. Soldering, Desoldering and Rework System

    Metcal hand soldering devices are ESD-safe soldering systems that are highly effective for lead-free application. Its smart heat technology makes Metcal hand soldering devices an ideal tool to handle thermally sensitive components. 

    A person soldering a circuit board

    Photo by cottonbro from Pexels

    Some of the high-quality soldering and rework system supplied by Metcal include:

    2. Soldering and Rework Cartridges

    Metcal offers a wide variety of cartridges tailor-made for the nature of the surface mount components you are using. The cartridges are built with advanced heat controllable technology to prevent any kind of component damage and physical hazards. Some of the cartridge models supplied by Metcal includes:

    3. Convection Rework Systems

    Metcal supplies high-performing convection rework systems at a low cost for lead-free works. Its pre-heat capability increases work efficiency without damaging the circuit board. Quickly adjustable temperature, ESD-safety, and quick cooling properties make the convection rework system the best handheld tool to improve soldering works. 

    Image of a Metcal programmable Pre-heater

    Some of the stellar convection rework systems supplied by Metcal include:

    4. Hot Air Nozzles

    Metcal offers a wide variety of hot air nozzles that helps in the uniform distribution of heat in selected areas. A standard nozzle helps to control the thermal efficiency while doing desoldering or rework processes on sensitive components. Moreover, the hot air nozzles should be handpicked by analyzing the physical size of surface mount components. Some of the high-quality hot air nozzles distributed by Metcal are:

    5. Metcal Precision Needles

    Precision needles are essential improvement tools that are available in different cuts and finishing. Metcal supplies precision needles that are handy and useful for works like designing, smoothing, filing, and finishing works. It is available in varying tip sizes and shapes. Also, they are burr-free and have electro-polished cannula. 

    Image of Metcal Precision Needles

    Some of the high-quality precision needles supply include:

    6. Metcal Board Holders

    Metcal board holders can help you to clamp the board tightly. It helps to ease the workflow by providing you with a circuit board storage facility. Some of the board holders type distributed by Metcal include:

    7. Metcal Fume Extraction System and Tip-saver Kits

    Metcal supplies excellent fume extraction systems and tip cleaners to improve the durability and maintain the efficiency of tools and handheld devices. 

    Some of the superior quality fume extraction system and cleaners supplied by Metcal includes:

    Image of a Metcal supplied fume extractor

    8. Metcal Lead-free Tip Identification Rings

    Metcal lead-free tip identification rings are used to assure that the soldering iron is used for lead-free processes. The heat resistant property of identification rings allows them to remain on the soldering tip throughout the soldering process. 

    Some of the lead-free tip identification rings distributed by Metcal are:

    Shop the Best Quality Metcal Benchtools from Gokimco

    Gokimco is a trusted dealer of top-hole Metcal products. The brand collections at Gokimco offer a heightened solution for the electrical and electronic industries. Find the best Metcal products from Gokimco to enhance your workstation and productivity.
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