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    by Metcal
    SKU OK-BVX-201
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    The BVX-200 Series Fume Extraction Systems are revolutionary two-arm units that combine powerful fan performance with efficient filtration, quiet operation and complete portability. They can be placed under or next to the bench-top and fitted with either two 50mm (2") diameter BVX arms or one 63mm (2.5") diameter Omniflex arm.
    Using the proven fan motor of the BVX-100 Series Fume Extraction Systems, the BVX-200 Series Fume Extractions Systems add a proprietary one-stage impeller design that doubles the total free-blowing airflow.
    The result is a maximum free-blowing airflow of 250m3/h (150cfm), with a maximum suction force of 850 Pa (3.5"WC). This suction force provides ample capability in reserve to handle any clogging that may occur during the normal life of the filter. It is, in fact, the suction rating for this unit is one of the best in its class offered for such compact and portable systems.
    The BVX-201 Fume Extraction System is designed mainly for solder fumes and incorporates both pre- and main-filters which can be changed independently to maximize the working life of each filter and lower the total cost of ownership. The main filter has a HEPA efficiency of 99.97% at 0.3 micron, plus an activated carbon filter to remove additional gases. For applications that require a high capacity of gas filtration, such as cleaning with solvents or conformal coatings, the BVX-203 Fume Extraction System features a deep-bed gas filter.