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    A person wrapped in a white smock and ESD-safe protective equipment handling chemicals

    SCS Product Supplies: The Total ESD-Safe Package for Electronic and Electrical Industries

    SCS is an integrated solution for all kinds of ESD issues. From static control ESD bags to high-tech ESD test instruments, SCS provides stellar product supplies for manufacturing industries and electrical & electronic industries. 

    SCS is the newest brand introduced by Desco to enhance the supply chain with ESD control compliance, power tools, and accessories products. Within a short time-frame, SCS has received high-end acceptance in the static control market.  

    A collection of protective helmets

    Photo by Pop & Zebra on Unsplash

    ESD-safety is inevitable to boost productivity and reliability. It ensures the personal safety and security of sensitive electronic components. Hence, choosing ESD-integrated power tools are necessary to retain the quality and durability of the products you make. 

    Now let's flip through some of the superior ESD-safe products supplied by SCS that are essential to ensure security and economic growth.

    High-Quality Product Supplies From SCS   

     A raft of static control accessories is available at SCS. Here are some of the essential products from SCS that help to improve your workspace with the necessary power tools.

    1. ESD-Safe Bags

    Sensitive product storage is always an issue for manufacturers. You cannot leave it in the open air, neither you can carry it in your bare hand. A sensible ESD-safe solution is necessary to ship and store the products.

    Bubble wraps for shipping

    Photo by cottonbro from Pexels

    SCS provides high-quality storage bags designed for shipping purposes and storage needs. Now you can safely keep your sensitive electronic devices away from damages and electrocution. SCS supplies different types of ESD-safe shielding bags. Let’s take a look at the varieties of shielding bags offered by SCS:

    2. ESD-safe Floor Mats & Table Mats

    Component damage and electrocution are common in the electronics and electrical industries. ESD-safe Floor Mats & Table Mats are crucial for implementing safety. SCS floor mats drain static charge, prevent slip and provide an ergonomic solution to workers who need to stand and work for a long time. Some of the popular ESD-safe floor mats and table mats supplied by SCS include:

    3. ESD Event Detection

    ESD Event Detection Equipment supplied by SCS calculates ESD signals that can damage electronic devices and cause human hazards. Using ESD event detection equipment, you can calculate magnitude for charged Device Model, Human Body Model, and Machine Model.

    SCS supplied ESD Events Sensor Meter 

    Two of the first-rate ESD Event Detectors supplied by SCS include:

    4. Grounding Cord

    Channelizing static charges is crucial to prevent sparks or other ESD issues. Grounding Cords are essential to direct and control static charge. Failure in proper grounding can result in electrocution and damage to electronic equipment. Grounding prevents the accumulation of static electricity and enables the smooth flow of electricity. 

    Here are some of the grounding hardware distributed by SCS:

    5. Foot Grounders

    Mobile workers need ESD safe wearables to prevent electrocution and possible product damages. Workers who are directly exposed to ESD prone areas need high-end personal protection. ESD-safe Foot Grounders are reliable protective footwear that discharges static energy from the body.    

    SCS supplied foot grounder with the two-layer sole

    A wide variety of Foot Grounders are available at SCS. Let’s see a few of them:

    6. SCS Ionizers & Benchtop Blowers

    Ionizers and Benchtop Blowers are used to eliminate airborne contaminants. The air ionizer test kit includes an aluminum conductive plate that drags polluting particles floating in the air. Moreover, it has a static sensor that verifies the performance of the ionizers. Some of the ionizer equipment supplies include. 

    7. SCS Labels Signs, Posters & Packaging Accessories

    Caution signs, posters, humidity cards, and labels are crucial to ensure safety and provide a statutory warning. Generating awareness is essential to direct people to the right usage and shipment of sensitive components.

    Warning sign poster

    Let’s see a few of the durable signages distributed by SCS: 

    8. Workstation Monitors

    Proper verification and continuous monitoring are necessary to reduce system malfunction. Workstation monitors are vital to verify the proper functioning of ESD safe equipment and grounding systems. Monitors help to continuously verify the performance of connected equipment and provide warning or alarm if electrical overstress and voltage variation happens suddenly. 

    Robust Workstation Monitors supplied by SCS include:

    9. ESD-safe Smock

    ESD protective garments or anti-static clothing are mandatory to improve the quality of your work. SCS supplies Dual Wire Smocks and Single Wire Smocks that are crucial to safeguard workers from electrocution. Non-ESD clothing fabric causes damages and threatens ESD control. The groundable smocks have anti-static low charging properties that shield workers and sensitive components from possible damages. 

    Dual-Wire ESD Smock from SCS

    Some of the smock types distributed by SCS include:

    10. Epoxy Adhesives & Bondings

    Bonding is a crucial part of manufacturing. SCS Epoxy Adhesives provide a strong and durable connection. It can be applied to general industrial tools, sporting goods, solar energy, wind energy, composites, electronics, military, transportation, and aerospace industries. 

    Image of fast bond adhesives

    Image by Steve Buissinne from Pixabay 

    Outstanding weather and harsh chemical resistant adhesives are available at SCS. Some of them include: 

    SCS ESD-Integrated Solution for Workplace Safety

    A safe and protected workplace is inevitable to boost productivity and operational capability. SCS guarantees high-performing ESD-safe equipment and general improvement products necessary for manufacturing & electronic and electrical industries. 

    Choose extensive SCS products from Gokimco, the total package for electronics & industry. The brand collections at Gokimco will provide you with top-hole ESD-safe products and equipment to enhance your workstation.  

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