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    Image of a soldered circuit board

    Techspray Cleaning & Maintenance Solutions for Workplace Safety & Productivity

    From small scale manufacturers to top industrial giants need a responsive and reliable product supplier who can deliver safe & high-performing products at an affordable rate. 

    Techspray, one of the leading manufacturers of chemicals and assorted support products, has evolved as one of the top-sought suppliers of safety products and cleaning solutions to manufacturing industries. 

    A white tissue roll and a blue colored liquid cleaner

    Photo by Crystal de Passillé-Chabot on Unsplash

    Precision products and ultrasonic cleaning solutions from Techspray have helped industries to improve operational capability of personnel and sensitive devices. Let's leaf through some of the premier product supplies from Techspray that will enhance your workplace safety and productivity.

    Superior Product Supplies from Techspray    

    Techspray supplies RoHS and REACH compliant cleaning products and chemicals to heavy industries, aviation units, and power plants. Moreover, by adhering to the environmental rules and regulations, Techspray has replaced all the CFC (Chlorofluorocarbons) and HCFC (Hydrochlorofluorocarbon) based products to ensure ecological safety and eliminate personal hazards. 

    Some of the product supplies from Techspray include:

    1. Conformal Coating

    Techspray conformal coating protects circuit boards and other sensitive devices from environmental conditions like corrosion, humidity, fungus, and other contaminants. It improves operational integrity and dielectric resistance by enhancing the performance of devices and the safety of personnel. 

    Image of a blue color circuit board

    Photo by Felipe Faria on Unsplash

    A few of theof the moisture and chemically resistant conformal coating distributed by Techspray are:

    2. Solder Mask

    The peelable solder mask from Techspray is ideal for wave soldering processes. Its non-flammable, easily peelable, and fast cure properties make Techspray solder mask high temperature flexible and prevent solder from flowing through sensitive terminals and screws on the circuit board. 

    A green color circuit board with solder masks

    Photo by Tima Miroshnichenko from Pexels

    Here are some of the stellar easily removable solder mask supplies from Techspray:

    3. Desoldering Braid

    You can now easily remove excess solder from surface mount components by using Techspray Desoldering Braids. The ESD-safe pre-fluxed copper braids effortlessly remove the solder mask without tarnishing the sensitive devices. 

    Techspray supplies three types of desoldering braids: 

    4. Aerosol Dusters, Cleaners & Flux Removers

    No more worries about contaminants, flux residues, and microscopic contents. Techspray supplies high-quality aerosol dusterscleaners, and flux removers that protect your components from conformal coating defects and oxidation.

    Image of an aerosol duster spray

    The Inline and Batch Cleaners supplied by Techspray are ideal for applying on plastics and PCB Metals. Techspray also distributes Cleanroom Wipes, LCD and Plasma Screen Cleaning Wipes, Alcohol wipe, and other precision cleaning wipes for effective cleaning and maintenance of sensitive components.    

    The pure moisture-free Techspray cleaners are odorless and don't have any harmful solvent. In effect, it keeps your components cool and prevents the accumulation of metallic oxides and contaminating residues.   

    Some of the non-ozone depleting Aerosol Dusters from Techspray include:

    5. Isopropyl Alcohol Products

    Techspray supplies a raft of Isopropyl Alcohol Products that can be used for stencil cleaning, light cleaning, tape head cleaning etc. It easily removes oil residues, fingerprints, carbon residues, and flux residues. 

    Image of an Isopropyl Alcohol Bottle

    Moreover, Isopropyl Alcohol products supplied by Techspray are denaturant free and have non-ozone-depleting properties. You can apply them on circuit boards, switch boxes, label boxes, and engines. 

    Some of the Isopropyl Alcohol Product supplies from Techspray include:

    6. ESD-safe Hand lotions

    ESD-safe hand lotions from Techspray improves contact between workers' skin and personal grounding devices by leaving no traces of contamination and ESD safety issues. The non-greasy, silicone and lanolin-free ESD-safe hand-lotions have a refreshing smell and vitamin contents that rejuvenate your skin.

    Image of a hand lotion bottle

    Image by Adriano Gadini from Pixabay 

    Hand lotion supplies from Tecspray include:

    7. Conductive Pens

    Techspray board repair pens have highly conductive and fast-drying silver filled ink that can make a traceable silver lining to repair boards and sensitive devices. The insulative property of silver ink protects sensitive devices from high voltage issues, moisture, and fungus. 

    8. Brushes & Swabs

    Techspray distributes technical cleaning brushes with intact bristles and tightly wrapped cotton tip swabs with high-cleaning properties. The high-precision technical brushes and cotton swabs are ideal for cleaning and coating purposes. 

    Cotton swabs and brushes for cleaning

    Photo by Karolina Grabowska from Pexels

    Some of the first-quality Brushes and Swabs supplied from Techspray are:

    Techspray: The Ultimate Cleaning and Maintenance Solution 

    Cleaning and maintenance are an inevitable part of manufacturing. Industrial suppliers of cleaning solutions are high-in-demand. Manufacturers need flexible products that are ideal for sensitive devices and personal safety.   

    Techspray supplies essential cleaning products required to improve workplace safety, productivity, and quality of products. You can choose high-quality Techspray products from Brand Collection at Gokimco to enhance your workstation and work environment.
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