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    SKU T-1671-10S


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    The Techspray 1671-10S is not just any canned air its compressed air formulated with HFC-134a. The 1671-10s is exceptionally pure, moisture-free, the inert gas that is used to remove particles without the use of harmful solvents. This product removes microscopic contaminants, lint, dust, metallic oxide deposits and other soils. When these contaminants get in the way of vents or fans within the device, they create a build-up which leads to overheating and/or shortages.

    Properly cleaning your electronics on a regular basis keeps your systems cool and working optimally, extending the life of the product. If you begin to notice your fans are becoming increasingly loud, or your systems are not running as efficiently, it may be time to treat them.

    Just the facts for 1671-10S:

      • Non-Flammable
      • Non-Ozone Depleting
      • Moisture Free Gas
      • Odorless
      • Zero Residue
      • RoHS Compliant
      • Safe on plastics
      • VOC exempt
      • Velocity 11.3 m/s
      • The safest choice for energized equipment
      • 10-year shelf life

    Why is Non-Flammable compressed air the best choice for electronic repair and assembly? Check out this blog.

    Made in the USACannot Ship Via Air