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    Transforming Technologies: Solution-Oriented Equipment for ESD Safety

    ESD safety and static control measures are inevitable to promote industrial safety. Even a minute electric discharge can cause personal safety issues and device malfunction. So, focusing on ESD control measures is essential to improve workplace productivity, safety, and device performance. 

    Transforming Technologies is an acclaimed distributor of stellar ESD safe and static control electronic products to various industries across the USA. From apparel to accessories, Transforming Technologies offers high-end solutions and services to control electrostatic discharge. 

    A man in a white mask and jacket working inside a cleanroom environment

    Photo by Artem Podrez from Pexels

    Now let’s cover some of the ESD control equipment and tools distributed by Transforming Technologies to amplify workplace environment and personal safety. 

    ESD Control Product Supplies from Transforming Technologies

    Channelizing static electricity is crucial to ensure safety. Along with innovations and technological advancement, there is a need to monitor safety measures to improve productivity and economic growth.  

    Here are the stellar products supplied from Transforming Technologies that you must utilize to bring out quality products and maximize operational capability. 

    A person in green gloves and a protective garment using a grinder

    1. ESD-safe Ionizer Guns

    Chances of sensitive device damage are high in the manufacturing and electronic sectors. ESD-safe Ionizers from Transforming Technologies are highly reliable to remove contaminants and static charges from surface mount components. They are ideal to be used in a cleanroom environment, general manufacturing industries, electronic assembly works, and other high-precision work. 

    Some of the superior ESD-safe Ionizer supply from Transforming Technologies include:

    Airflex Flexible Neck Ionizing Nozzle from Transforming Technology

    2. ESD-safe Ionizing Blowers

    Transforming Technologies supplies ESD-safe Ionizing Blowers, ideal for eliminating static dissipation. The blowers with variable fan speed rapidly remove the static charge. Moreover, they have removable front grills and adjustable air volume to enhance performance. Some of the ESD-safe Ionizing Blowers from Transforming Technologies include:

    3. Aisle Marking Tapes

    Aisle marking tape from Transforming Technologies

    The Aisle Marking Tapes supplied by Transforming Technologies are perfect for marking off ESD prone areas by generating a caution message. The ESD-printed bright yellow tapes with black illustrations have durable adhesives ideal for long-term use. Aisle Marking Tapes are available in various sizes, shapes, colors, and inscriptions. Here are two highly useful marking tape varieties from Transforming Technologies:

    4. Personal Grounding Equipment

    Ensuring Grounding is crucial to strengthen workflow and eliminate electrical shock. Humans are carriers of static charges. Frequent mobility will accumulate static charge and wreaks device malfunction by causing hindrance in the workflow. 

    Hence, it is imperative to install a personal grounding system to channelize static charges. Static controlled personal grounding equipment supply from Transforming Technologies includes:

    5. Test Equipment

    Constant monitoring of ESD-safety and checking the performance of equipment are mandatory to maintain workflow. Transforming Technology offers premier quality test equipment that continuously cross-checks the operational capability of sensitive devices and protective grounders. 

    Electrostatic Field Meter with Walking Test Kit from Transforming Technologies

    Transforming Technologies distributes heavy-duty test equipment to calibrate the functioning of grounding equipment. A few of them are:

    6. ESD Wipers

    An adequate cleaning solution is a necessity for every industry. Transforming Technologies distributes solvent-resistant ESD Wipers suitable for manufacturing and optical cleaning environments.   

    7. ESD-Safe Apparels and Curtains

    Protective body wears are crucial to ensure the personal safety of employees. ESD-safe jackets, heel grounders, masks, and gloves are necessary to improve safety measures. Transforming Technologies distributes a raft of premium quality ESD-safe reusable masks fit for general industrial works and a cleanroom environment. 

    Also, the ESD-safe curtains supplied by Transforming Technologies are ideal in a cleanroom environment to separate critical workspaces. 

    A man wearing goggles, mask, and protective garment

    Photo by Artem Podrez from Pexels

    The protective garments and curtains not only safeguard employees from electrocution but also controls the possibility of device malfunction. Here are some critical apparels and curtains supplied from Transforming Technologies  

    Transforming Technologies: The Ultimate Solution for ESD-safety  

    ESD-safety is inevitable to maintain safety and potency. Find the best quality ESD equipment & solution-oriented products from Transforming Technologies at Gokimco. Shop from the extensive brand collection at Gokimco to get hold of the best services and solutions for all your ESD issues. 

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