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    A person applying adhesive on the pipe

    Loctite Bonding Technology: One Stop Solution for Manufacturing Industries

    Bonding and fixing are crucial to manufacturing units. From hobbyists to large manufacturers need effective bonding products in every segment of craft making and production to fulfill customer requirements. Let it be simple or complex fixing, choosing the best bonding technology is necessary to generate the required durability and strength. 

    A thorough understanding of bonding related products is necessary to choose the fitting solution for the required application. A proper analysis of the work environment and surface material is the primary requisite to choose the best adhesive. 

    A person applying glue on a wooden surface

    Image by Ulrike Mai from Pixabay 

    Loctite is a one-stop bonding solution that provides high-performance adhesives, sealant, and coating. Designed to meet the manufacturers' requirements and industry standards, Loctite has emerged as a reliable bonding solution by supplying simple to complex stellar products to industries. 

    Loctite Product Supplies

    Finding the right adhesive or bonding products is vital to raise the standard of your manufacturing unit. Loctite has in store some of the best quality bonding technology and accelerators to improve the operational capability and durable functioning of your products. 

    Image of dispensible bottles’ nozzles

    Photo by Ksenia Chernaya from Pexels

    Here are some of the first-quality fixing or bonding technology distributed from Loctite:

    1. Adhesive Collections

    Loctite supplies versatile adhesives ideal for various purposes. From high-strength durable adhesives to low-strength easily detachable adhesives, Loctite has large-scale adhesive collections ideal for both household and industrial uses. The ability to fill gaps and exterior application properties make Loctite adhesives the best bonding technique for construction needs.

    Here are some cool adhesive collections available at the Loctite store:

    Among the adhesive collections at Loctite, Epoxy adhesives have a high-performance capability which makes them ideal for robust structural adhesion. It is suitable to bond heavy-duty metals, glass structures, wood, and plastics. Some of the Epoxy Adhesive manufactured by Loctite include:

    Image of a Hysol E-90FL Epoxy Adhesive

    2. Sealants 

    Many people are confused about the difference between sealants and adhesives. Many tend to use both items for the same purpose. But, adhesives and sealants differ in their use and properties. If adhesives are used to bond two surfaces, sealants are used to close the gap between the surfaces and prevent dirt accumulation & moisture content.

    Compared to adhesives, sealants have lower strength. But its flexibility to resist liquid migration and dirt accumulation makes it ideal to use on machined or cast surfaces. The premier hybrid sealants from Loctite include:    

    3. Accelerators

    Loctite accelerators are used to activate the adhesion and improve the cure speed of the adhesives. It enhances metal bonding strength and helps to secure wires and coils on the printed circuit board. Mostly, Loctite accelerators are better suited for post-application on cyanoacrylate adhesive to instill rapid fixtures.

    Image of a Tak Pak 7452 Accelerator

    Some of the Loctite supplied accelerators are listed below:

    4. Primers

    Like accelerators, Loctite primers enhance the curing speed of adhesives and sealants without losing joint strength. But the Loctite anaerobic primers with no-ozone depleting compounds and moisture & heat resistant properties are mostly used on passive metals or inert surfaces with large bond gaps.  

    Here are some primer varieties manufactured by Loctite:

    5. Dispensing Bottles and Nozzles

    For precision adhesion works, choosing the right dispensing bottles is imperative to improve efficiency. Some adhesive can be directly applied from the bottle, and some may need long nozzles. It depends upon the surface on which we are using the adhesives. Loctite distributes ergonomically resilient dispensible bottles for ideal storage purposes and application needs. 

    A dispensible plastic bottle with orange color lid

    Photo by Scott Sanker on Unsplash

    Some of hem include:

    6. Synthetic Lubricants

    Loctite supplies Lube Synthetic Based Lubricants that protect the products from corrosion and possible friction and wear. Moreover, It has a temperature withstand capacity, non-flammable and non-toxic properties that make it the ideal equipment for heavy industrial units. It can be used in food processing units, chains, pumps, open gears, valves, and conveyors. 

    7. Threadlockers

    Thread lockers are generally low viscosity adhesive types used on nuts and other assembly units to prevent loosening and fasteners over time. Once applied on the surfaces, Threadlockers provide a quick fixture and tighten the assembly units. Let's see some of the thread lockers supplied from Loctite.

    High-quality Product Supplies from Loctite  

    Enhanced bonding and fixture play a vital role in determining the efficiency and quality of your product. Bonding is the base of manufacturing. Hence choosing the right bonding technology is crucial to improve work manufacturing quality and speed. 

    Find the best Loctite-enabled bonding technology and related products at Gokimco, the total package for electronics & Industry. Choose from the extensive brand collections at Gokimco and enhance your workplace and productivity.
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