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    New patented technology. One component, low or high viscosity. Specifically formulated for extremely rapid UV or visible light cure and secondary cyanoacrylate cure mechanism. Eliminates the need for solvent based accelerators.

    LOCTITE® 4305 is a transparent, pale green, cyanoacrylate cured by exposure to low intensity light in the UV and visible light spectrum, with secondary cure capability effected by surface moisture. It provides outstanding plastic bonding capabilities and super fast surface cure; tack-free time up to 5 secs and fixture time 2 secs. Also suitable for bonding ceramics and metals.

    • Outstanding plastic bonding capability
    • Super fast cure
    • Cures in the presence of surface moisture
    • Low intensity light-cure
    • Ideal for plastics
    • Also used for ceramics and metals

    Formerly part number 32268

    Loctite TDS for 4305