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    The LOCTITE® SI 5910™ RTV Silicone Flange Sealant is a one part RTV silicone that has superior flexibility and adhesion. Excellent fluid resistance. Medium body and easy to dispense. Non-corrosive, low odor, low volatility. Black in color.

    LOCTITE® SI 5910 is a low strength, silicone-based gasketing product designed for use on flexible flanges with machined or cast surfaces (metal or plastic). It is suitable for gaps up to 1 mm and offers a cure-through volume (in 24 h) of 2.75 mm. Typical applications include stamped sheet metal covers (timing covers and oil sumps).

    • For use with flexible flanges
    • Good resistance to oil and joint movement
    • Can be supplied in cartridges, tubes or rocep cans
    • Reduces migration of liquid after application

    Loctite TDS for 5910