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    Customization with the Hakko FM203 Dual Port Soldering Station


    The Hakko FM203-01 ESD-Safe Dual Port Soldering Station offers great flexibility at an affordable price. Kimco Distributing’s main configuration of this soldering station comes with two FM2027-03 soldering handpieces, which can, themselves, be used in a variety of situations. This dual-port station, though, can be set up in a variety of other configurations.

    Many of Hakko’s soldering tools, which are all available from Kimco Distributing, are compatible with the Hakko FM203-01 Soldering Station. Of course, customers who do not plan on using two handpieces can purchase the unit only one soldering iron included. A single iron can be complemented with Hakko’s FM2031 Heavy Duty Nitrogen Soldering Iron, for N2 soldering, or the brand’s FM2030 Heavy Duty Soldering Iron, which uses heaver, T22 Series tips than the standard T15 Series soldering tips. The FM2024 Desoldering Hand Piece Kit and FM2023 SMD Mini Hot Tweezer Kit are also both fully compatible with the FM203-01 Soldering Station. At Kimco Distributing, we carry all of these different tools, because our customers are involved in a wide range of soldering. These accessories let them customize Hakko’s soldering station to meet their specific needs.

    Regardless of what configuration the soldering station is set up in, it is able to handle virtually any soldering-related job in the electronics assembly industry. (We haven’t found a soldering station that can also make coffee yet). Its process control feature lets technicians change the temperature, without changing the tip. The temperature can be set anywhere from 200 to 450⁰C (400 to 840⁰F), and is accurate to ±15°C. It also has a sleep mode and automatic shut-off function. With these features and the many accessories available from Kimco Distributing, this unit can act as a solid base of a customized soldering station.

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