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    Dadas Tapes: ESD Safe Tapes & Masking Discs To Maximize Industrial Productivity

    In today’s world, manufacturers are mainly focusing on presenting a new variety of products with improved properties. Considering the ESD-sensitive environments and anti-static surfaces, the industries are shifting their safety standards through polyimide solder wave tapes and masking discs. There is a high demand for Dadas tapes in the healthcare, electrical and electronics, and automotive industries. 

    Dadas Tapes develops the industrial wave solder tapes, used to serve various applications – for bonding components, joining materials, guiding paths, fastening the processes, and offering great cohesion. These are one of the best brands for polyimide solder wave tapes and masking discs. They offer excellent resistance at an affordable value. Besides this, these tapes hold great industrial strength and are even helpful in avoiding injuries.

    Here are some top-class products that are manufactured by Dadas Tapes to serve different industrial applications.

    1. Aisle Marking Tapes

    Keeping up with the safety of the workplace is not an easy task, especially if you have a large organization. While staying up to the levels of the latest gadgets is helpful, it can be quite expensive. However, one of the most proven methods of organizing your facility and marking the floors for safety and directions is – the aisle marking tapes.

    The marking tapes are one of the most efficient and cost-effective ways to improve the safety of your workspace and improve productivity. Besides clearly marking the surfaces and creating awareness about an area, they also separate pedestrians from motorized traffic.

    The aisle tapes from Dadas works for any application requiring durability in an interior or exterior environment. The smear-resistant graphics ensure good visibility in your work area. The applications related to these include– floor marking in static sensitive and protected work areas.

    Dadas Aisle Marking Tapes to mark the floors for safety and directions

    You can choose from an array of Dadas Aisle Marking Tapes:

    2. Masking Discs 

    The polyimide masking disc is a film with a silicone adhesive designed for temporary masking during soldering and other high-temperature processes. It retains excellent electrical and physical properties over a wide temperature range, does not burns or melts, and has good radiation resistance.

    The Conformal Coating Masking Discs are used for precision and high volume masking. These are laminated with an ESD plastic liner to prevent static discharge when removed from the liner. Besides this, you can also purchase Low Static Polyimide Solder Wave Discs that are designed to offer high heat resistance and excellent dielectric strength.

    Dadas Masking Discs for precision and high volume masking

    Based on the type of industrial applications, you can choose from the following list of masking discs:

    3. Conductive Grid Tapes

     Thermally conductive grid tapes are designed for heat sink attachments with mid-range thermal performance. These provide an efficient method of mounting heat sinks onto devices such as small electronic packages, microprocessors, and other components.

    Conductive Grid Tapes provide an anti-static non-sparking surface on both the inside and the outside that does not sheds, cracks, chips, or rubs off even after continuous use. These are used in packaging static sensitive products that require EMI shielding. They can be also used for grounding as well.

    Dadas Conductive Grid Tapes For Grounding

    Here are some high quality, conductive grid tapes you can rely on:

    Get Your Hands On The Superior Quality Dadas Tapes To Ensure Safety At Your Workplace 

    No more worrying about ESD safety or marking the workplace. You can shop for high-performance and extremely reliable Dadas marking tapes and masking discs from the extensive collections at Gokimco. These tapes are easily peelable, resist flames and chemicals, and leave no marks behind. Ensure safety and safeguard your workspace while you spend time on developing your industry.

    Check out other soldering and desoldering products at GoKimco to serve your industrial needs and maximize productivity.

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