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    Sierra: Industrial Floor Mats For Upgrading Safety and Performance

    Over the years, industries have done a lot of research on the design and development of floor mats. Today these mats are designed to serve specific purposes. For instance, offices need nice-looking carpet mats that capture soil brought into the building, high traffic areas need rough and tough mats, while industries need anti-fatigue mats designed for the safety of their employees.

    Sierra focuses on developing a wide variety of industrial rubber and non-slippery mats. These are used to trap dirt and moisture, prevent slipping, protect the floor, and help keep the building clean. Whether it’s retail, manufacturing/industrial, or office buildings, floor mats from Sierra comply with every requirement.

    Based on performance, various mats from Sierra include:

    1. Conductive and Smooth Rubber Worktop Mats

    These mats are designed to withstand heat from hot soldering irons and molten solder. The rubber mats are designed to provide waterproof, anti-slip coverings to floors, workbenches, etc. These are also great for use in electronics production, service, and repair applications.

    Sierra Conductive and Smooth Rubber Worktop Mats

    Sierra’s rubber worktop mats are industrial-grade materials that deal with tough projects and situations. In addition to helping employees to feel safe at work, these are also resistant to most chemicals commonly found in assembly areas. Here are some of the variants to shop from:

    2. Conductive Textured Rubber Floor Mat

    The 2-Layer Conductive Textured Heavy Duty Rubber Floor Mat from Sierra is abrasion, heat, and chemical resistant. It is effective in withstanding PCB truck and cart traffic without peeling, chipping, or curling. Besides being used as floor coverings under control panels, these also play a great role in increasing operational safety and reliability at the workplace.

    Sierra Conductive Textured Rubber Floor Mat

    The conductive textured rubber mats are heavy-duty, non-slip, loose lay, and easy to install (once installed, cannot be moved or shifted). Made from 100% co-extruded durable rubber, these are resistant to heat and chemicals. Also, the conductive bottom layer allows easy and quick draining of charge to the ground. Here are the top varieties to buy from Sierra Mats:

    3. Adhesive Entrance Mats 

    The Sierra Adhesive Entrance Mat has 30 peel-off layers and is suitable for dust or dirt-free environments. These are designed to eliminate the need for messy cleaning and make it easy to maintain a clean surface. The adhesive mats are placed at the entrances and exits of certain workplaces to remove containments from the bottoms of the footwear and wheeled carts such as hand trucks.

    Sierra Adhesive Entrance Mats

    The adhesive mats from Sierra are most commonly used at construction sites and some other hazardous places and consist of adhesive plastic film layers that can be periodically peeled off or discarded. The smooth, effective surface is not damaged by shoes, booties, or cartwheels. The whole range of adhesive mats available at Sierra include:

    4. Dissipative Vinyl Mat Kit 

    The 3-Layer Dissipative Vinyl Worktop Mat Kit is designed with 3-layers- a textured dissipative top layer, a conductive middle layer, and a fabric sub-layer. The buried conductive layer provides a primary path to the ground. The fabric sub-layer of the mat provides stability and physical strength and is engineered to give a soft feel to the user while still being resilient. These are specially used with workbenches and ESD-safe test stations.

    Sierra Dissipative Vinyl Mat Kit

    The kit consists of- a mat, wrist strap, ground cord, and two attached snaps. Vinyl mats are widely used for work surfaces or tabletop applications. They are cost-effective, easy to cut in a particular shape, and provide excellent static dissipation. The product range includes:

    Choose the Best Mats For A Safer and More Productive Workplace 

    For easing worker fatigue and improving productivity, start providing employees comfort and safety at the workplace. Sierra mats are designed for industrial and material handling environments. These are durable and focus on user safety while they aim at doing their work. Whether it’s static control products for ESD-protected areas or contamination control products for critical environments, get top-notch Sierra products from Gokimco at an affordable cost.

    You can also check for other ESD-safe products for high-performance and reliability at GoKimco.
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