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    Lab Tech: Delivering Superior Quality, ESD-Safe Lab Coats and Jackets For Ultimate Safety

    Every day you create static charges on your body while carrying out several applications. However, it can turn out to be quite dangerous. With Lab Tech ESD-safe coats, jackets, and smocks, you can easily send static on its way. Lab Tech garments include ESD-safe coats that are made with a blend of polyester and BASF resistant conductive fiber and are perfect for your workplace.

    The risks associated with electrostatic discharge (ESD) can be both costly and damaging. This could not only lead to the destruction of sensitive electronic equipment but also create a risk of fire for employees working in flammable environments. ESD-safe garments contain specialist anti-static yarns to dissipate electrons eliminating and controlling the static build-up. Thus, protecting the product and the wearer without the requirement of earthing.

    Here is a list of wearables you can shop from Lab Tech:

    1. ESD-Safe Jacket, Light Weight 

    ESD-safe jackets from Lab Tech come with snap cuffs and 3 pockets. They are an EC series lightweight long-sleeve coat and are manufactured of a dissipative material. Additionally, they are designed to possess the following ESD control characteristics:

    • Antistatic low-charging to minimize the generation of electrostatic charges.
    • Dissipative to remove the charges to the ground;
    • Shielding to produce a faraday cage effect for restricting charges generated on the user’s clothing to the inside of the ESD lab coat.
    • Groundable so that the user can easily and reliably connect them to the ground.
    ESD-Safe Light Weight Jacket

      2. ESD-Safe Jacket, Medium Weight

      Lab Tech’s ESD-safe Medium weight jacket consists of a snap cuff and 3 pockets. These include lapels, collar, front snap closure, patch pockets, and adjustments on sleeves. The ground snaps located on the hip pockets of the jacket allow grounding to take place without the wrist strap.

      These are most suited for businesses that require their employees to use a large amount of equipment, where the risks associated with electrostatic discharge are greater. Although these lab coats are designed to be used alone, they should be used alongside other types of ESD products for a robust level of protection.

      ESD-Safe Medium Weight Jacket

      It is available in four colors- white, teal, light blue, and navy blue. You can select from the following range of products:

      The Importance of Using ESD-Safe Jackets

      The ESD risk produced by everyday clothing cannot be assessed easily. Most lab coats are made of a dissipative material that incorporates texturized polyester and carbon nylon fibers. The conductive nylon fibers are woven in a chain-link design to provide continuous and consistent charge dissipation.

      Aside from the anti-static materials used for manufacturing protective clothing, the features of the garments are also equally essential. The ESD-safe workwear must be able to cover all non-complying materials and the conductive parts like the zipper, button, etc. when in use.

      Anti-static clothing offers numerous benefits for workers in the industry. This is especially for businesses that need their workers to use a large amount of equipment in the areas associated with the risks of electrostatic discharge. The ESD-safe garments are made with a plethora of connective fibers that help in redirecting electrostatic discharge away from the worker’s body and instead connect to the ground.

      Offering Anti-Static Safety In ESD Protection Areas

      The jackets and coats from Lab Tech are comfortable and keep you cool even in hot work environments. These are suitable to wear in environments that require ESD-sensitive clothing.

      GoKimco understands the challenges of the electronics manufacturing industry and strongly believes that by outsourcing your uniform needs you can gain a competitive advantage. Our ESD-protected uniforms for electronics manufacturing apply to all regulations and standards in the industry. We focus on - cost-efficient and easy uniform management, workwear that always meets the industry standards, and increased workplace productivity.

      You can check out our wider array of reliable and ESD-safe products, available at affordable prices!

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