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    Dadas Tapes and Masking Discs For Industrial Applications

    How To Choose The Best Wave Solder Adhesive Tapes For Your Industry

    Today, the world is led by dynamic industries. The manufacturers focus on using high-quality products that meet the standards of ESD-sensitive environments and keep their workers safe. 

    The industries are moving their safety standards from regular adhesives to polyimide wave solder tapes and masking discs. The priority is not only the safety of workers but also getting maximum productivity as the end result.

    The wave solder tapes are effective in serving various industrial applications such as – bonding components, guiding paths, joining materials, fastening the processes, and offering great cohesion. They can be used both for temporary as well as permanent bonding.

    What Are Adhesive Tapes?

    Most products produced by your business require adhesive tapes to help them function properly. Whether it is for marking the work areas with marking tapes or for temporary masking during soldering processes with masking discs, adhesives hold great importance in industrial applications. However, this is only possible if you choose the best tape for your products.

    Dadas Aisle Marking Tapes to mark the floors for safety and directions

    Factors To Consider While Picking Out An Adhesive Tape

    There are a few essential criteria you should consider before picking up adhesive tapes for your workplace. These are:

    1. Know the nature of the product or surface

    Before selecting the right tape, you should be aware of the nature of the product or surface where you need to use the tape. The regular adhesives are easy to adhere to metals such as steel, copper, and aluminum while can be difficult to apply on plastics. So, always consider the surface properties of a tape.

    2. Focus on the cleaning ability

    Good adhesive tapes are strong while bonding yet easily peelable. Dadas Tapes offer wave solder adhesives that not only fit your work environment but can even be removed easily without leaving behind any marks.

    3. Understand the service and production requirements

    An adhesive tape can serve its application well if it meets the requirements of your workplace. For instance, product packaging in any environment needs regular adhesives/adhesive tapes. While packaging static sensitive products can be well carried by conductive grid tapes only.

    4. Examine the durability of the tape

    Regardless of the type of adhesive tape you require for your application, you should always assess its quality and durability. A good-quality adhesive tape should be able to withstand the pressure and damage without getting peeled off. Also, it should meet the safety requirements of the workers.

    5. Consider the environmental condition

    Select the adhesive tape for your industry wisely based on the environmental condition of the workspace. ESD-sensitive areas require polyimide solder wave tapes and masking discs. The solder wave tapes from Dadas provide an anti-static, non-sparking surface on both inside and outside. These do not shed, crack, chip, or rub off even after continuous usage.

    The Different Type of Adhesive Tapes & Their Industrial Applications

    For marking the floors at your workplace, temporary masking applications, and packaging of static sensitive products, wave solder tapes can be very helpful. These are generally classified according to their area of applications, chemical nature, durability, cost, etc. However, it is always ideal to choose them depending upon their purpose and respective properties.

    Here are the adhesive tapes and the fields they serve:

    1. Aisle Marking Tapes

    Aisle Marking Tapes are one of the most efficient and cost-effective ways to improve the safety of your workspace. These help to clearly mark the surfaces, create awareness about an area, and separate pedestrians from motorized traffic. Also, these can help mark floors of supermarkets, hospital hallways, construction sites, and manufacturing facilities, etc.

    Dadas Masking Discs for precision and high volume masking

    While buying aisle tape for your industry, always consider the strength of the tape. If you don’t use the strongest adhesive tape, you will find it peeling off in some time.

    2. Masking Discs

    Masking Discs can be used to retain electrical and physical properties over a wide temperature range, without burning or melting. These are used for precision and high volume masking during soldering and other high-temperature processes.

    Dadas Conductive Grid Tapes For Grounding

    The conformal coating masking tapes are effective for precision and high-volume masking applications. These are laminated with ESD plastic liners to prevent any kind of static discharge.

    3. Conductive Grid Tapes

    Conductive Grid Tapes are designed to provide an efficient method of mounting heat sinks onto devices such as small electronic packages, microprocessors, and other components. These are most helpful in packaging static-sensitive products that require EMI shielding.

    Dadas Conductive Grid Tapes For Grounding

    Conductive grid tapes are designed to combat electromagnetic interference (EMI) that can cause electronic components to act up and interfere with performance.

    Get Your Hands On The Superior Quality Adhesive Tapes

    Adhesive tapes are an essential part of carrying several industrial applications. So, it is important to understand the properties and working nature of adhesive tapes before making a purchase.

    You can opt for high-performance and cost-effective Dadas tapes to meet your workplace requirements while ensuring the safety of the workers. These wave solder adhesive tapes are chemical and flame resistant, easily peelable, and leave no marks behind when removed. Maximize your industrial productivity with more products from GoKimco!

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