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    Get More Done with the Pace MBT 301 8007-0478 2-Port Thermo-Drive Rework System

    When working on a line, you may need to have two different settings for hand pieces, but changing between them can be difficult and slow. The Pace MBT 301 offers you everything you need to have two different setting at once. Making the most out of the device is easy to do because of the ease in which you can switch between the two settings. Getting the item is easy when you visit our store at Kimco. The Pace MBT 301 8007-0478 features two handheld units which can be individually controlled for one or multiple operators. Password protection helps to assure no one will be able to change the settings on the device unless authorized to do so. The backlit LCD display helps you to see exactly what you are doing and what your settings are. Automatic shut off features helps to make sure your tips will last longer and a temperature operating range you can set helps to make sure that the device works exactly the way that you want it to. The MBT is a great upgrade from the MBT 250 SD or the MBT 201 with the patented PACE SNAP-VAC technology. It is a great upgrade from any other model. The Pace MBT 301 8007-0478 is available through our Kimco catalogue right now. You can find this along with all of the rest of your needs in one convenient location. Because we keep most items in stock at all times, you are assured that your order will ship right away. We make sure that you get everything you ordered as soon as possible so you can concentrate on getting work done. We look forward to receiving your order to ship out your new device today.
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