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    Clean and organised experiment demonstration

    Importance of Cleanliness in Laboratories

    A laboratory is one of the potentially dangerous places that should be taken care of adequately. The accuracy of the laboratory results is highly proportional to the hygiene conditions of the laboratory. Chemists and sanitation workers are equally responsible for maintaining proper health and safety conditions in a laboratory. An untidy and cluttered workplace can negatively influence the experimenter and add unnecessary stress. 

    Here are some reasons why you should prioritize the cleanliness of laboratories

    Provide accurate results

    An unclean laboratory is as harmful as an inaccurate result. The apparatus, especially the glassware, used in labs must be cleaned after every use. The remnants of previous tests, moisture, or even dust particles can alter the laboratory results. This can result in a waste of money and energy.

    Accuracy of lab results

    Photo by National Cancer Institute on Unsplash

    Avoid contamination

    To get highly reliable and accurate results, some test samples are stored under optimal environmental conditions. This needs an environment that protects the samples from cross-contamination from other samples and the absence of dust particles in the vicinity of the samples. Using JNJ SW100IPA/DI Isopropyl Alcohol & DI Water Cleaning Wipes to clean the surfaces will help to minimize cross-contamination as it removes all kinds of contaminants in laboratories.

    Comply with the safety regulations

    The laboratories are potentially dangerous places governed by strict health and safety policies. To comply with the health and safety policies, they should be kept clean and properly sanitized. Ignoring these would lead to the cancellation of license or the permanent shut down of your lab.

    Stay organized

    To arrange your pieces of equipment in the proper configuration, you have to organize your laboratory to the optimal level. You must remove leftover debris and residue to keep the labs clean and sanitized. An organized laboratory keeps everything within your reach and helps you to conduct experiments at a smooth pace.

    Organisation of apparatus in labs

    Image by berdyczewski from Pixabay 

    Improve the work efficiency

    The overall efficiency of a laboratory test is affected by the cleanliness and hygiene of a laboratory. A well-organized laboratory can make you motivated and save your time from locating various bottles, apparatus, etc. It de-clutters the laboratory and helps you to glide from one step to the other without confusion. You can rely on GoKimco for products that can assist you in cleaning your laboratory.

    Prevention of breakages

    Bottles and reagents kept haphazardly are prone to breakages when they are handled carelessly. They should be arranged on their shelves with proper labels. Cluttering the debris with bottles and glassware can lead to accidental spills, slips, rollovers, and breakages.

    Careful maintenance of glass bottles

    Photo by Science in HD on Unsplash

    Saves money

    Maintaining proper hygiene in your laboratory can curb extra expenditure on lab-equipments. An untidy and unorganized workplace adds extra cost to the experiments. Accidental breakages and spillages can waste money spent on lab apparatus and chemicals. Contaminants can affect the accuracy of the results which would require repetition of the experiment. Searching for chemicals, reagents, or apparatus can waste your time and delay the reaction-process. It can also slow down your workflow and reduce the efficiency of your workplace.

    Final Note on Laboratory Hygiene

    Importance of clean labs

    Photo by ThisisEngineering RAEng on Unsplash

    Proper hygiene standards must be maintained for the perfect functioning of a laboratory. Placing all the reagent bottles, chemicals, and apparatus in their designated places after use will minimize the breakages. Cleaning the workplace at the end of the day will save the task of arranging your workplace the following day. Displaying cleanliness and hygiene posters in labs can help to maintain good standards of cleanliness in your laboratories. Choosing good products to clean your labs can make your lab look clean and safe. GoKimco offers you a wide range of chemicals, cleaners, clean rooms, and lab supplies designed to suit your needs.

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