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    Soldering iron with red handle and other essential electronic equipment arranged on a table

    Pace Electronic Products: Finest Soldering Stations and Appliances to Improve Your Workplace

    Pace is a developing solution to the manufacturing, testing, and repair industries. For the past 60 years, Pace has created an epoch in the electronic market with its quality supply of assembly products and high-quality electronic equipment.    

    A brown circuit board and a sharp-edged soldering iron

    Photo by Blaz Erzetic from Pexels

    A brand is a service and solution package. It poses reliable and responsible apparel by promoting the client's status and value in the market. Pace has redefined the electronic space through its innovative solutions, products, and training for the rework and repair of printed circuit assemblies. 

    From cleaning sponges to high-end electronic accessories, Pace has everything that will improve your workspace productivity and competence. Here is the list of essential electronic equipment and accessories supplied by Pace.   

    A boy in a black sleeve holding a red handled soldering iron

    Photo by cottonbro from Pexels

    High-end Product Supplies from Pace

    Gokimco is the trusted dealer of Pace soldering and electronic products. Advanced electronic solutions and services are the need of the time. Pace has evolved with the changing time by catering to the improvement of the manufacturing and repair industry. 

    Let's flip through some of the product supplies from Pace:

    1. Soldering irons and stations  

    From household improvement to large industrial works, soldering irons are necessary equipment that is available in varying features and tip quality. Pace distributes superior ESD safe Dual Channel Soldering System that is durable and capable of high-risk maintenance works. ESD safe AccuDrive Production Soldering Station is the new high power soldering station launched by Pace.

    A soldering station, a reel stand and a circuit board kept neatly on a work desk

    Image by Bruno /Germany from Pixabay 

    You might be wondering how the soldering station and soldering irons differ in functioning. The difference is that a soldering iron cannot adjust temperature requirements, while a soldering station can control the temperature. Moreover, it stores temperature when it is kept at rest.

    Pace also distributes a wide collection of soldering tips:

    2. Desoldering Tools and Rework Systems 

    Every industry needs a rework system that helps to reorganize the manufactured product without losing the original performance capability and structure. Pace has in store rework systems and desoldering tools that remove hard solder from the metal surface without causing any damage to the products.  

    3. ESD Safe Vacuum Cleaners and Fume Extraction System

    Vacuum cleaners and fume extraction systems are an essential piece of equipment that is used for precision cleaning purposes. It removes dry debris, fumes, smokes, and residues. Easy cleaning and waste removal make Pace cleaners an employ friendly device that keeps your workstation clean and neat all the time. The ESD safe feature of Pace vacuum cleaners let you use the products inside ESD prone areas.  

    A woman in green top cleaning the room using a vacuum cleaner

    Photo by cottonbro from Pexels

    Different types of cleaners and extractors are available at Pace. Some of them are:

    4. Probes, Scribes, and Handheld Tools

    Probes and scribes are technical multipurpose hand tools. It can be used for removing solder masking, rubber latex, and hard-coat adhesives from sensitive surfaces. Pace supplies qualified hand tools like callipers and other precision tools to improve operational capability and finishing.    

    A steel calliper measuring the diameter of a yellow object

    Photo by ROMBO from Pexels

    5. Advanced Repair Kit

    Pace Cir-Kir Advanced Repair Kit provides a working solution for repairing the operational capability of damaged assemblies or circuits. Manufacturing defects, inbuilt circuit problems, improper handling, and usage are common to industries.

    A methodical approach is needed to repair the advanced issues and damages. Pace repair kits provide an optimum solution to these problems. The Pace Digital 2-Port Thermo Drive Power is an easy to use equipment that can assist rework technicians.  

    6. Tip Maintenance and Sponges

    Maintaining the soldering workstation and preventing possible damages like corrosion is necessary to increase the performance and durability. Pace provides a high-end solution to oxidation. The frequent replacement may empty your pocket. Hence, the best solution is to maintain it by using tip sponges and cleaner.

    A person holding a soldering tool and a cleaner to clean the tip

    Photo by cottonbro from Pexels

    Some of the best tip cleaners available at Pace are:

    7. Preheaters and hot plates

    The preheaters and hot plates help to bring the PCBs (Printed Circuit Board) to the desired temperature, and it is a crucial tool essential for soldering and desoldering station. The uniform thermal power distribution property of preheaters eliminates the risk of damages. And the hotplate is a good base for doing LED, and PCB works.  

    Apart from these commonly used appliances and accessories, Pace distributes daily hacks that could supplement your work efficiently to increase productivity. Some of those products include:

    Final Thoughts

    Pace is one of the acclaimed distributors of electronic appliances, related services and solutions. Qualified products from Pace have enriched the industrial standards by catering to efficient performance and operational capability.  

    Gokimco has in store a plethora of Pace products that will help to boost your productivity and eliminate damages. Choose from our extensive brand collections at Gokimco to get durable and quality services and solutions. 

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