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    Triple the Output with the PACE MBT 350 8007-0454 Digital Rework & Repair 3 Port System w/ TD-100 Solder Iron

    To get more out of a work station, it is important to have as many ports as possible in a single unit. It allows your stations to get as much done as possible without having to change machines to do it. This is the advantage of having the Pace MBT 350. With three ports and a solder iron, it is easy to see how you can get more done whenever you have this on your line. You can get yours today when you visit us at Kimco. The PACE MBT 350 8007-0454 is able to protect your process by offering more features than most other models have the capability to offer. There is even the option to adjust the device to work on even the smallest components. This model includes three different components. It allows you to use the TD-100 IntelliHeat Thermo-Drive Solder Iron, the MT-100 IntelliHeat Mini-Tweez Handpiece and the SX-90 IntelliHeat Sodr-X-Tractor Desolder Handpiece. Users can define a period of time in which the hand pieces will reduce to 50% power and then turn off if the device is not used for a period of time. LED screen shows the temperature of one or all three channels. System can be completely programmed when and password protected to get more done. We offer the PACE MBT 350 8007-0454 on our Kimco catalogue. You are welcome to review this and all of the rest of the products we have available. We maintain complete stocks of all items, so your order will ship almost as soon as you get it in. We look forward to filling your order and shipping your item to you as soon as possible. Remember to resupply through our easy to navigate website.
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