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    Vision Engineering: Improving Productivity Through Inspection & Ergonomics

    Ergonomics – the scientific study of people and their working conditions, especially done in order to improve effectiveness, is everywhere in the modern world. Working in an environment designed ergonomically helps in preventing injuries and contributes to general staff productivity and wellbeing. And when it comes to microscopy, ergonomics is significantly essential as the nature of the work puts unusual constraints on the operator’s posture.

    Vision Engineering delivers high-quality solutions to benefit all its customers and meet their workplace requirements. The company focuses on developing ergonomic microscopes, metrology systems, and digital 3D inspection systems, to provide you with good quality, efficient, and highly productive tools. Each product is designed to withstand specific challenges of specialized applications across a wide range of industries.

    To deal with the specific needs for routine microscopy, dedicated ergonomic microscopes have been developed. The specific features of these microscopes and inspection tools, which are not normally present on conventional microscopes, make sure that the user stays comfortable while working for longer hours.

    Let’s dig in to learn more about the microscopes and other inspection tools you can get for your industry.

    1. Compact Objective Lens

    The compact objective lens is the most essential optical unit that helps in determining the basic function or performance of an optical microscope. These are used for – biological purposes and are fixed in place on the sliding glass, sealing it with the cover glass from the top; and for the industrial purpose for observation without any cover glass between the lens end and a specimen.

    The objective lens from Vision Engineering provides clear, sharp images with long working distances, better quality, and a larger depth field. These are lightweight designs and offer configurable magnification.

    Compact Objective Lens

    You can shop a wide range of compact objective lenses from Vision Engineering to improve operational efficiency:

    2. Compact Microscope With a Bench Stand

    The compact microscope with a bench stand is designed to hold a series of lenses in a precise relationship to one another, all on a common optical axis. These come with a dust cover and adjustable LED surface with substage illumination and are best suited for better quality inspection purposes.

    Vision Engineering designs a low-cost and high-quality stereo microscope that delivers performance, flexibility, and reliability. Quality optics ensures superb stereo viewing. These are available in a range of stand options to suit the requirements.

    A good quality compact microscope provides maximum comfort. It also eliminates the fatigue, eye, neck, and back strain you can get while using eyepiece microscopes. The universal stand with dust cover clamps to most benches or other work areas to provide flexibility and ease of use.

    Compact Microscope With a Bench Stand

    The list of bench stands, compact microscopes from Vision Engineering includes:

     3. Elite Microscope

    Vision Engineering offers the Elite Microscope consisting of a standard Mantis Elite 'eyepiece-less' stereo microscope, with a factory-integrated HD digital camera. These serve the purpose of truly amazing 3D imaging plus the flexibility and convenience of digital image capture. And come with great software to allow you to carry out easy-to-use image archiving and annotation.

    The elite microscopes have a counter-balanced universal stand for flexibility and ease of use and unbeatable ergonomics for increased productivity.

    Elite Microscope

    Here are some top-notch elite microscopes you can shop from Vision Engineering:

     Vision Engineering For Convenient & Flexible To Use Inspection Tools

    If you’re using equipment for hours every day, you need to be certain it’s designed and built for comfort and ease of use. The tool should not only reduce the operator’s discomfort and fatigue but also promote efficiency and enhance workplace productivity.

    The award-winning innovations from Vision Engineering offer high performance and precision measurement. They are reliable and compatible to be used in various industries and for several applications.

    Choose from the extensive collection at Gokimco to improve your workspace and get the most accurate precision tools to ensure the quality of your work.
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