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    Production Basics: Stellar ESD-Safe Solutions for Workplaces

    The basic concept behind the invention of ESD safe workstations is to assure that the materials and personnel are safe!

    Let’s understand it this way – an ESD-safe workbench or station protects the rapid and sudden transfer of electricity by providing an electrical path to the ground. Thus, allowing for the controlled dissipation of any static potential and amplifying the safety of both the workers and their surroundings.

    Production Basics has been designing ergonomic workstations, workbenches, and accessories to inspire productivity since 1995. The company offers various products specially designed and manufactured to bring productivity, efficiency, and professionalism to your manufacturing, laboratory, or material handling workspace. They focus on ensuring greater quality control, better product availability, and the ability to offer customized workbenches, carts, and other related accessories.

    When working with ESD-sensitive materials, all measures must be taken to protect the user. This can easily be achieved through the use of an ESD workbench and static dissipative accessories.

    Read on to know about the best ESD-safe benches and stations you can purchase from Production Basics.

    1. ESD-Safe Workbench

      A workbench is itself a key area for many ESD-protected tools and equipment. It provides a static dissipative surface to work and suitable connection points for tools and equipment in a static protected environment.

      The advantages of using a good-quality workbench include:

      • Prevention from short-circuits that make operation and testing of the circuit impracticable.
      • High impedance discharge to control the flow of current and prevent damage to the circuitry.
      • Presence of high resistance dissipative surface for the safety of employees and workplace.

      The ESD-safe workbench from the Production Basics channels shields and slows down electrically sensitive devices from defects and device failure. These are adjustable and come with an abrasion-resistant finish that will keep your unit look virtually new through many production cycles.

      ESD-safe workbench

      Some of the top-notch ESD-safe workbenches from Production Basics include:

      2. Hand Crank Workstation

      ESD Safe Hand Crank Adjustable Workstation offers multiple tiers of storage to help keep your work surface clear. These are designed with overhead lights to help improve visibility while accessing.

      The features of this workstation are:

      • The ESD laminate worksurface is engineered with static-control properties.
      • The hand crank adjustments help to lower and raise the work surface easily. 
      • The steel frame offers durability.
      • The chemical-resistant, powder-coated finish resists corrosion in demanding environments.
      • Provide smooth movement and precise positioning with minimum effort
      ESD Safe Hand Crank Adjustable Workstation.

        You can shop from a range of available hand crank workstations from Production Basics:

         3. Laminate Riser Shelves

        The riser shelf from Production Basics is highly suitable for RTW Workbenches and provides greater stability and privacy for the operator. You can mount them to the RTW table with brackets that eliminate the need to drill through the top of the work surface.

        The two key benefits of riser shelf are:

        • These can be mounted easily to the RTW table without any extra effort.
        • These are efficient in providing stability and privacy for the operator.

        riser shelf

        The list of Product Basics riser shelf include:

        4. Mobile Double-Sided Supply Cart

        Your storage facilities and equipment play a significant role in manufacturing or when setting up a manufacturing facility. Supply carts cover the gap between the storage facility and equipment. Moreover, they give quick access to the tools and equipment at the particular area of work.

        The standard mobile double-sided supply cart from Production Basics offers the following features & benefits:

        • Simplifying access to materials.
        • Enhances safer means of transporting equipment at the workplace.
        • Reduces/eliminates any possibility of downtime occurring in a manufacturing facility.

        Standard mobile double-sided supply cart

        Let's see some of the supply cart available at Production Basics:

        Getting The Best ESD-safe Benches and Stations For Your Work Area!

        The use of an effective-quality ESD Workbench is the demand of the day, and there should be no compromise in this reference. You can buy the required workbench, workstations, and other tools for your workspace from Production Basics. The innovative workstation solutions will not only fit your exact specifications in terms of performance and productivity but also come at a low cost!

        Also, check out other reliable products at GoKimco to serve your industrial needs and ensure the safety of your workplace.

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