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    O.C. Inspection tools for Industrial Applications

    O.C. White: Premium Quality Innovative Lightning & Magnification Tools For Industry

    “You are only as good as the tools you use!”

    Well, this saying has been around for several years and highlights the right use of tools at work. Because your employees can work better only if they have the right equipment in hand and a proper work environment.

    The world’s oldest industrial lighting manufacturer, O.C. White focuses on providing the solutions that fit your industrial applications and surroundings. These products are not only environment-friendly but extremely reliable and cost-friendly. They are designed to serve various industries such as electronics, broadcast, aerospace, metrology, laboratory, healthcare, etc. 

    O.C. White has earned its reputation for producing superior-quality products and fixtures. The brand designs a wide array of tools like – magnifying lamps, microscopes, micro-lite, bench magnifiers, exhaust fans, and a lot more.

    You can choose from the list of available tools by O.C. White to get maximum productivity while carrying out different industrial operations.

    1. Bench Magnifiers

    Optimized for industrial applications, a superior-quality, professional bench magnifier provides maximum clarity, stability, and flexibility for all manufacturing, manipulation, quality assurance, or general examination tasks. These can be easily placed on a table or bench, rotated, and fixed as desired.

    O.C. White designs the magnifiers in such a way that creates new standards for illuminated magnifiers and comes with reduced glare, heat, and energy consumption.

    Superior-quality, professional bench magnifier

    These are effective in carrying out applications in biological and clinical laboratories, electronics and chemical industries, alloy and jewelry manufacturing.

    You can shop from a wide range of O.C. White bench magnifiers:

    2. ESD-Safe Fume Absorbers 

    The ESD-safe fume absorbers are constructed for stationary, benchtop, and portable soldering applications. These efficiently capture and filter the airborne contaminants at the work surface level.

    O.C. White offers an effective, quiet & economical solution for many soldering operations which require ESD-safe fume extraction. Their fume extraction units are equipped with an energy-efficient fan and high-quality filtration media and provide effective removal of noxious fumes from the workspace.

    Effective, quiet & economical fume absorbers

    These are highly portable, light-weight, sturdy, reliable, have long filter life, and require low maintenance.

    The list of ESD-safe fume absorbers from O.C. White includes:

    3. Binocular Microscopes

    O.C. White designs binocular microscopes to offer several advantages, and the costs are comparable to a single eyepiece instrument. These optical microscopes with two eyepieces significantly ease viewing and cut down on eye strain.

    These come with a lab-style base and dimmable LED ring light for the comfort and safety of the users. Additionally, such microscopes focus on – increased depth perception, 3D visioning, visibility beyond an obstacle, and flexibility.

    Binocular microscopes for 3D visioning

    The top-notch binocular microscope you can purchase include:

    4. LED Ring Lights 

    Good lighting increases workplace safety, reduces health risks, and enhances productivity. The quality and positioning of the light sources concerning the lens allow shadow-free magnification and excellent color rendering capabilities.

    O.C. White produces high-density dimmable LED Ring Light that utilizes advanced LED technology to deliver good quality lighting. They are auto switchable and meets the energy criteria. These are commonly used to produce darkfield, diffused, or directional lighting to illuminate objects uniformly.

    High density, dimmable LED Ring Light

    5. Universal LED Bench Task Lights 

    The heavy-duty LED task lights feature rugged durability and a legacy design for everything from drafting tables to workbenches. These can be an excellent retrofit to your existing workbench as it delivers an incredibly high output for all the workspaces.

    The bench task lights from O.C. White are energy-efficient LED lights that can be used for a variety of applications, including home lighting, vehicle lighting, commercial lighting, industrial lighting, and landscape lighting. LED-1936-UTL Universal LED Bench Task Light is one of the best bench task light solutions you can get from O.C. White.

    Heavy-duty LED task lightsHeavy-duty LED task lights

    Getting The Best Quality Inspection Tools & Magnifiers For Your Industry 

    Lessening the burden of lightning and inspection is easier with the right choice of products. O.C. White offers environment-friendly and reliable solutions for every workspace and industry. Despite purchasing them at high prices from the markets, you can shop for these products at an affordable cost from O.C. White.

    Also, check out other reliable and required products at GoKimco to serve your industrial needs and maximize productivity.

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