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    Shelving Products to Deliver Flexible Storage Options From Metro

    Storage products have come a long way in the industrial sector. The reason is – any delay in product delivery or failure of machines, etc. can lead to huge losses. Thus, finding ways to organize industrial materials more efficiently has become quite essential.

    Industries have accepted the application of shelving systems as the most reliable way to locate things in warehouses or workshops. The storage systems have created a niche for themselves when it comes to space-saving and storing.

    For over 90 years, Metro has been focusing on making the industries more organized, efficient, and productive. The company provides the world’s most imaginative space and productivity solutions and aims to produce commercial quality storage solutions for all the places, including home, business, and industry.

    The product list involves – bins, that are available in several styles and sizes; the dividers, that are designed to compartmentalize bins for added organization; and several different shelving parts and units.

    3 Popular Uses of Shelving in the Workplace

    There are several reasons why shelving products remain a popular option for every industry. Not only do they accommodate workplace storage needs, but are also durable, affordable, and a versatile option. Some of the more popular uses for shelving products in the workplace include:

    Shelving Products from metro

    • Storing heavy items – Shelving units can hold more weight helping you to create more space in a warehouse or storeroom. Shelves make it easier to stack items higher, using less square footage.
    • Storing business documents – The shelves are ideal for storing documents. Using them ensures that your business doesn’t need to worry about the shelving collapsing over time. Also, allowing people to find and access relevant documentation easily.
    • Temperature controlled – Shelving products can be used in many industries because they can withstand a range of temperatures. These are ideal as a server rack in an IT department or a refrigeration unit at a grocery store or restaurant.

    At GoKimco, we deliver various Metro shelving products to meet your workspace requirements. Here’s the list of products you can shop from:

    1. Tote Carts

    Tote carts are a widely used form of material handling equipment. These are low-tech pieces of equipment used to move materials from one place to another.

    The tote carts from Metro deliver the massive amounts of coordination, precision, and strength that are necessary to move the various materials used in your production facility. These come with polyurethane casters/bin racks designed to provide efficient handling of totes throughout the manufacturing process.

    Tote Carts

    You can get your hands on the following two available Tote Carts from Metro:

    2. Stackable Divider Tote Box

    Divider Tote Box offers safe and efficient storage of items in bulk with the use of optional dividers and covers. These manage your inventory and tools, whether it be static shelving and pallet rack, and are worth the investment.

    Metro manufactures the highest quality divider tote box for safe and efficient storage of items in bulk or in compartmentalized fashion with the use of optional dividers and covers. These are injection molded for longer life and have a more uniform wall thickness.

    Stackable Divider

    You can buy from the mentioned list of products:

    3. Cart Covers

    The ESD-safe shelving and Cart Covers from Metro provide an effective method of controlling electrostatic discharge while protecting cart contents from contamination and moisture. These have a unique slip-resistant texture, leave no black carbon residue, and can be cleaned easily with mild detergents.

    Cart Covers from Metro

    You can shop for the following cart covers to protect your cart in any work area:

    4. Mobile Wire Shelving Units

    Mobile wire shelving units are among the most versatile storage options available to the small business owner, warehouse manager, homeowner, or factory foreman. These are lightweight and straightforward to install and allow you to maximize storage space.

    Wire shelving units from Metro are highly adjustable with unique lever release adjustments. These offer an efficient method of storage and transport for standard-size component reels. And can also be mixed and matched with standard Super Erecta shelving, posts, and casters to create a reel handling and storage system to address the exact needs of PCB manufacturers.

    Wired Shelving Units

    Mobile wire shelving units from Metro include:

    Get Access to Flexible Workplace Storage With Metro

    Whether you are setting up a small stockroom or a multi-warehouse system, getting access to storage that provides value for space, even when storing smaller items, is a challenge.

    Metro provides large varieties of totes, bins, and other products to be used for both residential and commercial use. These are adjustable, corrosion-resistance, hold energy-efficient insulation, and greater modularity, maneuverability and durability.

    At GoKimco, you can shop from safe and efficient storage items with compartmentalized trays at reasonable prices, designed by Metro to increase your workplace storage and get flexible product transportation!

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