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    Weller Solder Stations at Kimco

    When there is a soldering job to be done - whether it be for a large corporation and their assembly of electrical components or a hobbyist who likes to dabble with electronics - many people turn to Weller solder stations for completing the job right. The line of Weller solder stations that we carry at Kimco is quite extensive. There is everything from industrial strength to simple hobbyist versions. For example, the Weller WLC100 is a great hobbyist solder station. It includes and easy to control pencil iron, variable power control, coiled iron holder, 1/8 inch screwdriver tip, and a cushioned foam grip. The Weller WD1002T ESD-Safe soldering station is a much more commercial product that includes WDH10T Stop + Go Workstand, a WP80 pencil offers 80 watts of power with short tip-to-grip, and 3 "radio buttons" allows pre-set of frequently used temp settings. Using the Weller solder stations is quite easy. For the most part they are plug-and-play type of soldering stations. The more state of the art WX2021 ESD-Safe solder station does require some extra work to get settings programmed, but the intuitive memory makes that a one time affair. Weller solder stations begin heating as soon as they are turned on and are at full temperature within 15 seconds. If you are looking for quality soldering stations, then look at our great line of Weller solder stations. You will find several options to choose from with great prices that will not cause budget shortfalls. The Kimco online catalog also has other ESD-safe solder accessories for both the hobbyist and the industrial environment.
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