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    Clean Flux and Solder Debris with JnJ Wipes and Swabs

    Anytime that you solder metal there is going to be residue left over from the flux, the solder, and the metal itself. These particles, some of them not even noticeable to the human eye, can cause damage to the circuits or malfunctions with the way that they work. In a production assembly it is essential to keep the electrical parts free from any residues and dust. The good news is that JnJ wipes and swabs can be used to easily remove the flux and solder debris from delicate products without damaging the component themselves. Using an electric smart wipe like the JNJ SW100BIO Bioact SC-10 Electronics Cleaning SmartWipes is very easy to do once you have soldered your component. Wait for the solder to cool down before trying to wipe away the flux residue. Once it has cooled down, the take a wipe and the flux away from the piece. If you continue to see some white residue on the piece, then the flux removal needs to be continued. Another wipe used for de-flux application is the JNJ SW100IPA/DI Isopropyl Alcohol & DI Water SmartWipes. This wipe has the ability to remove most types of inks, pastes, light oils and contaminants associated with soldering, fluxes, printing and most electronic and industrial cleaning applications. This means that you can keep your parts clean without having to resort to dangerous substances. A quick wipe with the Isopropyl Alcohol and 30% de-ionized water blended cloth and you can continue on your way. Pick up these items at GoKimco.com. The prices are a reflection of our commitment to help keep budgets under control and our shipping speeds are second to none.
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