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    Using Personal Grounding Equipment to Protect Equipment

    03-03-2012-03Static electricity is caused by two objects rubbing against one another. This is a problem when working in an ESD environment. It is possible to avoid the human body and the static that you can produce whenever using the important personal grounding equipment. These allow the charge from your body to go into the ground rather than into the equipment that you are working on. Grounds Attached to Shoes The shoes that you are wearing will have a lot of rubber attached to it. Rubber is an insulator which will prevent your body from constantly releasing electrons into the ground. By doing so, you will build up electrons which can create a shock into the equipment or into your own body as the two bodies try to find equilibrium. The ESD Shoe grounds you can attach to your shoes which will allow you to have a ground. These allow you to have a strap which surrounds the shoes and allows the electrons to move around the rubber and into the ground. Grounds Attached to Wrists Another way that you can create the ground is through a strap that you place on your wrist with ESD wrist straps. Making sure that this is in contact with your skin as well as with a grounding source. This will allow the charge from your body to move through the strap and to the wire so that it can go into the ground rather than into the object that you are working on or into your own body. These kinds of grounds will allow you to be able to protect against outside objects like chairs or tables to become the ground for you. You will be able to use these to make sure that you are getting a ground at all times.
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