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    Keep Your Components Safe With ESD Bags and Packaging at Kimco

    When it comes to working within a safe environment you can never overlook the need for ESD bags and packaging. Kimco carries several different items in varied categories that are designed to help anyone from industrial settings to the home hobbyist who likes to dabble in electronics and other areas where static electricity can be a factor. This goes for ESD bags and packaging. When working within an environment where you must keep the small parts, circuits, condensers, pins, and other devices safe from electrical static discharge it is important to have products on hand that will not only protect the pieces, but protect yourself. At Kimco we carry items such as ESD safe bags, humidity protectors, dessicants, moisture barrier bags, Metal-in shielding bags, as well as metal-out shielding bags. They all have their specific uses and protect valuable components during storing or shipping. For example, the dessicant pouches are extremely important when packaging components as they absorb air borne moisture that may be trapped after vacuum sealing of the bag. Anti Static bags can provide protection for the smallest of components through its static shielding properties. They can be sealed with a large 3/8" wide seal for confidence in its packaging. In many tests, these items perform up to very high standards and continually protect items, property, and self from any damaging effects from static electricity build up. You can check out the incredible selection of ESD bags and packaging at the Kimco website. There you will find low prices, fast shipping, and great customer service to help you each step of your order.
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