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    Two Popular Tweezers and Cutters - Aven Tweezer & Swanstrom Cutter


    Few industries require more precision than microelectronics does. When repairing motherboards or PCI cards, measurements must be meticulously taken and perfectly executed. Working with such tiny components requires tools that are exact. The following is a brief look at some of the precise tweezers and cutters Kimco Distributing Corp. carries.

    Aven Tweezer Kit

    Some of the most popular tweezers that Kimco Distributors stocks are manufactured by Aven. The brand’s 18480EZ E-Z Pik Stainless Steel Tweezers Kit with ESD-Safe Protective Pouch includes six of Aven’s most-used tweezers. These ESD-safe tweezers are made of anti-acid, anti-magnetic stainless steel, making them some of the most reliable tweezers available. They come in an ESD-safe pouch.

    Aven manufactures a number of different tweezers, but they are all color coded. (Kimco Distributing Corporation also sells their tweezers individually, in addition to the set). Rather than identifying tweezers by their shape, workers can simply identify them by the color of their handle. This reduces mistakes, which can be costly, and increases production speed.

    Swanstrom Cutter

    Kimco Distributing Corporation also stocks several cutters made by Swanstrom, in addition to other manufacturer’s cutters. One of the more popular cutters is the Swanstrom M405C ESD-Safe Small Carbide, Ultra-Sharp Tip Tapered Full-Flush Cutter. This cutter features an ergonomic handle, so employees can use it regularly without fatigue. It comes with a Scrivet joint system and has three adjustable opening stops. These stops also help reduce fatigue and ensure precision. Because this is a comfortable cutter to use, workers often use it for most of their cutting needs.

    These two items, Aven’s tweezer kit and Swanstrom’s cutter, are only two of the many tweezers and cutters available at Kimco Distributing Corp. While these are excellent selections, there are many other very good tools available. Businesses will be pleased with any tweezer or cutter they select from Kimco Distributing Corporation.

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