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    Labeling for Electronic Printed Circuit Board ( PCB ) Assembly and Repair


    Brady BMP51 Portable Industrial Label Printer

    Part of running a successful business, regardless of the industry, is keeping everything organized. Within the electronics assembly industry, a major aspect of organization involves labeling all parts, tools and materials used. Keeping all of these labeled and in order is vital to success. At Kimco Distributors, we have all the tools needed to maintain an orderly work environment. In the next post, we will look at two of our most popular labelers, Brady’s BMP51 and BMP53. This post, however, will focus on the different labels we have in stock.

    Using Standardized Labels

    The most important aspect of a label may be its design. By using industry-standard labels from Kimco Distributing, instead of Post-It notes, companies can standardize their organizational system. Employees will all be familiar with the labeling system and use that system. Rather than having 50 different versions of labels in a company with 50 employees, there is one labeling system everyone understands. This has several benefits. It:

    Ensures compliance with legal regulations, when applicable

    Streamlines the organizational process, saving employees time

    Eliminates confusion, reducing mistakes

    Item-Specific and Blank Labels

    Kimco Distributing carries a full line of Brady labels, so businesses can find the exact labels they need. Here, businesses can find labels for an array of electrical components and potentially hazardous chemicals, as well as blank ones. The item-specific labels ensure that employees include all the information needed on a label, while the blank ones are perfect for labeling the miscellaneous items and storage areas.

    A brief search at Kimco Distributing for Brady labels will yield hundreds of results. To find the right labels for your business, you should consider what needs labeling, how often labels are needed and what printers are already in use. If you need a new printer, the next post will look at two of Brady’s printers.

    Brady BMP53 Peripheral Label Printer
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