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    Large Lineup of Weller Soldering Tools at Kimco

    When it comes to quality, there are few that can stand up to Weller soldering supplies. The Weller name has been a long standing authority in the world of soldering. Through many years of testing, refining, and innovating they have continually released new products to both industry and individual consumers that consistently score high in customer satisfaction. At Kimco we are proud to carry a long line of Weller soldering supplies within our catalog. These supplies range from hot plates, sponges, preheaters, parts, soldering irons, tips, nozzles and their state of the art soldering stations. These soldering stations are the crown jewel of the Weller line of soldering supplies. Soldering an electrical component to a circuit board, or some other high sensitive area, demands the highest quality of product. You also need products that are ESD in nature to lessen the buildup up of electrostatic shock. The Weller soldering stations are ESD safe, but also include touch screens with an intuitive interface to dial the correct settings, increased accuracy with digital sensor built into the pencil, as well as 240W of total power. Any soldering need is taken care of. If you are looking for quality soldering items then you should check out the Kimco online catalog. The extensive listing of Weller soldering supplies is hand picked so that you can easily find the products you need to do the job right. These Weller products keep your operational costs low while also boosting productivity. Get the today through Kimco at low prices.
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