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    Hakko Soldering

    Hakko Soldering

    For over 60 years, Hakko has worked to deliver excellent services, superior quality soldering, and desoldering tools, and other useful industrial equipment. All the products are designed to deliver high-performance, greater reliability, and better results. You can choose from a wide range of accessories and related tools for electronics, industrial use as well as hobby related industries.

    Extending the expertise back to the dawn of the modern electronic industry, Hakko provides the best tools for soldering and desoldering applications. Check out the list of all the Hakko products we have for you.

    • ESD Safe Fume and Smoke Extraction System are designed to be used at soldering stations for extracting the contaminated air directly at the source.
    • Desoldering Nozzles to be used with various desoldering tools and handpieces.
    • Hakko N4-01 2.0mm Hot Air Nozzle to be used with the Hakko FM-2029 Single Hot Air Handpiece.
    • Hakko Replacement Desoldering Nozzles used with the following Hakko desoldering tools and handpieces - Hakko 808 Desoldering Tool, Hakko 817 Desoldering Gun, Hakko 802 Desoldering Gun, Hakko 807 Desoldering Pencil.
    • Hakko A1477 Hot Air Rework Nozzle is designed to be used with different Hakko rework systems.
    • Hakko FX100-04 Induction Heat Soldering Station is a slick compact design with a big LED display and ergonomic soldering irons for easy use. The auto-power feature powers off the unit which saves tip life and energy.
    • Hakko T18-D32 Chisel Solder Tips are used with the Hakko FX888D, FX888, and older models like the 936 series stations. These are also suitable for various other Hakko soldering stations and systems.
    • ESD-Safe Dual Solder Reel Stand to keep your workbench neat and organized with this handy solder reel stand. It is dual-level with a non-slip bottom to stand firmly on the workbench.
    • Chisel Soldering Tips are well-suited to soldering wires or other larger components because of their broad flat tip. These help to evenly deliver heat to component leads and pads. These are great for soldering wires, through-hole components, large surface-mount components, and desoldering as well.
    • Hakko T15-ILS Conical Solder Tip used for precision electronics work and also for general soldering applications. The pointed tip helps deliver heat to small areas, such as tiny surface-mount components.

        The Hakko equipment is completely reliable and they come at affordable prices to provide you with the best services. The list continues with various other products including replacement parts from Hakko. If you are looking for some good products with high reliability and better services, shop from our elite product line.