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    Hakko T15 Soldering Tips

    Hakko T15 Soldering Tips

    Hakko has worked to deliver excellent services, superior quality soldering, and desoldering tools for 60 years now. The list includes several items designed to deliver high-performance, greater reliability, and better results at your workplace. You can get your hands on a variety of soldering tips to carry on several soldering applications, for removing excess solder, and fixing solder bridges, etc.

    Here is a list of T15 Soldering Tips you can shop from Hakko-

    • Hakko T15-D24 Chisel Solder Tip is a built-in heating element. It is suitable to be used with the FM-203, FM-204, FM-205, FM-206, and FX-951 stations.
    • Hakko T15-D16 Chisel Solder Tip is used in the FM2027 Solder Iron. These solder tips are plated for longer tip life and are suitable for various Hakko systems.
    • Hakko T15-D4 Chisel Solder Tip used with the following Hakko soldering stations and systems- FM-205, FM-204, FM-203, FX-951, FM-202, FP-102, FP-101, and also FM-206 3-port soldering station.
    • Hakko T15-JL02 Bent Solder Tip that makes the working easier and more accurate. These can be used with - Hakko FM-206 3-Port Soldering Station (FM2027 Handpiece), FM-205, FM-204, FM-203, FX-951, FM-202, FP-102, and FP-101 Soldering Stations.
    • Hakko T15-BC1 Bevel Solder Tip can be used for solder jobs that require pre-loading the iron with solder. The surface of the Bevel tip allows it to hold more solder than other tip designs, making it an excellent choice for applications that require a pre-loaded tip.
    • Hakko T15-B Conical Solder Tips are primarily used for precise soldering applications. The cone-shaped tip delivers concentrated heat to a defined area, making it well suited for most surface-mount components and other small tasks.
    • Hakko T15-K Knife Solder Tip is useful in a wide variety of applications. The slanted knife edge allows for point soldering, drag soldering, and fixing solder bridges.

    Hakko has specialized in manufacturing soldering and desoldering tools to fit all of the most popular stations. You can get first-hand products and tools at affordable prices.