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    by Metcal
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    Convection-Air Preheater accelerates and enhances lead-free work. OK International's PCT-100 Pre-heater Convection Tool prioritizes efficiency and low cost of ownership for SMT and through-hole hand processes.

    The PCT-100 can be used with or without a board holder to perform hand assembly or rework tasks on surface mount or through-hole assemblies. A dedicated board holder is available as an option. The PCT-100 can be used with conventional SnPb solders as well as lead-free, delivering a stable pre-heat capability as the foundation to perform assembly tasks at the appropriate peak temperature without distorting the board.

    The unit ramps quickly to the desired temperature to maximize productivity, following a controlled slope to eliminate thermal shock to the board and components. The 10cfm fan fitted to the unit enhances both heating and cooling, educing the total cycle time to preheat, solder, and cool each assembly.

    The PCT-100 pre-heater has been designed for production environments world-wide, operating at low levels of audible noise and meeting international standards for ESD safety and maximum casing temperature. The PCT-100 also carries the CE symbol, a mark of high quality and safety performance.