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    JnJ cleanroom swabs and wipes are perfect for keeping particles away from parts

    Manufacturing parts and assembling products within a particle and dust free zone is a necessity for many electrical devices. Even a hobbyist who likes to work with circuits, soldering, and creating electrical machines needs a place within their home, garage, or workspace that is free from dust, aerosols, and chemical vapors. A cleanroom that is stocked with JnJ cleanroom swabs and wipes is the only option available. A cleanroom is a contaminate free room that is necessary for any work with circuits, circuit boards, and electrical components. To keep them clean wipes and swabs must be used for removing things like soldering dust, flux residue, as a label remover, and cleaning stencils that have been mis-labeled. The JNJ 401 UnderStencil Cleanroom Wipes make for an ideal solution to keeping a cleanroom clean. They can effectively absorb solder paste, flux residue, inks and epoxies, with or without solvent. This is especially important as you try to keep certain components dry and eliminate any chemical vapors or aerosols within this clean environment. These cleanroom wipes can be stored within a cabinet in the room or within the packaging until you need them. There is no need to worry about any wearing, shredding or tearing of these wipes even when use in ultra fine pitch stenciling printers. They are very durable and long lasting with very minimal lint. JnJ cleanroom wipes do not collect any dust as they are used. Check out the Kimco.com online catalog for these cleanroom swabs and wipes at a great price and fast shipping.
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