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    Keep Components Clean with JnJ ESD Anti Static swabs, wipes

    Every cleanroom needs to have the right supplies to keep the contaminants to the specified level, and which is determined for component cleanliness. Harmful contaminates such as residue from soldering, dust particles, chemical vapors and airborne microbes can cause tremendous problems with electrical components or hinder results from scientific research. A supply of JnJ ESD Anti-Static swabs, wipes will help to not only keep these particles to a minimum, but also eliminate the dangers from static. Electrical components, especially during the manufacturing and assembly process, need to be in a static free environment. One way to product static electricity is while cleaning parts and pieces once they have gone through soldering and assembly. Wiping these parts down without any type of ESD anti-static treatment will automatically build up static electricity through the friction buildup. The JNJ SW100AFR Semi Aqueous Paste & Flux Remover is a great product to use within your cleanroom to remove any particles that are already on the piece. Using before assembly will ensure a clean contact surface for soldering, while using after assembly will ensure a clean product free of any residue. They are simple to use and come in 100 count containers. JNJ SW100BIO Bioact SC-10 Electronics Cleaning smart wipes are also great for cleaning off any type of electronics used for testing within the cleanroom. Kimco carries a full line of electronic wipes to help keep your parts clean and free of any microbes and particles. Check out the online catalog for the different products and competitive prices.
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