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    Keep Production Flowing With High Quality SMT Production Supplies

    When it comes to production lines, stenciling, keeping your work environment clean, and being an efficient supplier of parts and accessories the need for good, durable products is an essential necessity. With Kimco's extensive supplier list we can offer products like SMT production supplies to keep you moving without any setbacks. The line of SMT production supplies range from polyurethane blade holders, clamp style holders, stainless steel metal blades, hand held squeegees, electronics smart wipes, and under stencil rolls. All of these production supplies are built to last and formulated to give not only a good clean surface to work on, but also protection for parts. Soldering and flux dust can cause tremendous problems within a cleanroom. These rooms need to be free of any dust, lint, epoxy residue, paste from acrylics, and other small particles that can ruin a part very easily. With the squeegee holders, smart wipes, and understencil rolls your cleanroom can stay absolutely clean without any foreign particles floating around. With years of research into production, electronics, and cleanroom efficiency, SMT production supplies have been designed from scratch with all of these things in mind. The products are not just for large production and assembly plants, but also for that home hobbyist who wants to continue creating parts and innovating on older ones. With great prices, and a wide selection of production supplies to choose from, Kimco delivers at every turn. Check out the online catalog and choose the right products for you.
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