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    High Quality Stencil Rolls for Clearoom Efficiency and Better Stencil Production

    In production work there is always a need for quality, durable cleaning products that can be used along side the machinery as they perform their various tasks. Keeping stencils clean is of imperative importance for clear, vibrant lettering and graphics. JnJ stencil rolls are the product that make your cleanroom much more productive in their uses and keeping your environment clean. These under stencil rolls are created from a cellulose/polyester blend of fibers that effectively removes and residue from paste and flux between printing projects. This is necessary so that the stencil project is not marred by smearing and/or solder balls that get caught within the printing process. It doesn't matter if you are using a MPM, DEK, or EKRA printers for your stenciling production. These understencil rolls are able to handle the task and keep your production flowing without problems. The EKRA under stencil rolls are lint-free as well as completely dust-free. They resist any shredding and tearing which make them ideal for any type of ultra-fine pitch solder paste printing. Due to many of the improvements in the material that is used it does not hinder air flow and is perfect for vacuum assisted wiper systems. Check out the collection of understencil rolls found at Kimco and our extensive web catalog. Our prices are very competitive and our deliver process is second to none. Whether your are buying stencil rolls, other cleanroom products, or electronic parts, we have everything you need to get your job done right.
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