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    Mark Your Components Clearly With Brady Labels, Brady Printer Labels

    One of the most important parts of your electronics hobby, or business, is to clearly mark your components, lab equipment, and dangerous chemicals. These labels must be clearly marked, contain color to catch your eye, and be perfectly positioned in easy to see places. While some of these things are up to the actual operators of the lab, or the technicians, there is some responsibility on the label makers. At Kimco we carry a wide array of Brady Labels, Brady Printer Labels can be used for almost every part of your enterprise or hobby. For example, we carry the Brady 58261 Write On Right-To-Know Container Labels that come in a roll of 500. They are brightly colored and can be used in many instances such as chemical handling, laboratory storage or home storage of different items. There is a space for writing dates and information as well. Kimco also carries a great line of DATAB Dot Matrix Printable Labels. These are perfect for labeling circuit boards & component ID's. Simply print off the information needed and tie them to your parts. We also have a large selection of Laser Printable Labels for use with labeling communications cables, panel identification, voice/data identification, and wire & cable marking. All of the Brady labels that Kimco carries is found at our online catalog. There you will find not only our large selection of Brady Labels, but also great prices. We have very fast shipping anywhere in the country and our customer service is eagerly waiting to hear from you.
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