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    Free Soldering Tool With Purchase of Weller on Sale

    Kimco is offering a tremendous promo special with any Weller Soldering station purchase. With any Weller on sale you can also pick up a free soldering tool accessory to help with those projects and jobs you have. The Weller soldering station is a great tool for anyone who works with electrical components or hobbyists who do some soldering of components. Modelers, hobby computer hackers, or those who like to DIY repairs on their electronics or appliances will benefit with the use of a Weller soldering station. These stations are ESD safe, include an iron stand, and have a capacitive touch screen that is chemical and temperature resistant. The cost of these stations by Weller on sale, start at just $477 for the Weller WX1012 and go up to $861 for the Weller WX2021 with a WXMP soldering pencil included. These prices are already low, but when buying from the Kimco website you will also receive a promotional rebate that is good for any soldering accessory directly from Weller themselves. If soldering is a major part of your job, or your hobby, you will see that these prices are not only low, but the rebate is a great value. Take some time to check out the five different Weller soldering stations at the Kimco online catalog for the one that is best for your needs. There is also a large assortment of other accessories, soldering pencils, tips, replacement parts and safety gear that will help with any size soldering project.
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