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    Solder Joints Quickly with the Pace TD-100 6010-0147 IntelliHeat Soldering Iron

    When soldering, you need to be able to get finished quickly and receive a strong bond. Having a good soldering iron helps to make this a reality. You will be able to use the iron to heat up the materials and get it right the first time. This is what you will get whenever you are using the Pace TD-100. This is just one of the many great soldering irons you will find whenever you are visiting our catalog at Kimco. The Pace TD-100 6010-0147 IntelliHeat Soldering Iron offers you the ability to use a heat transfer which is consistent to quickly heat up the area and finish faster. Flux is burned off faster because it is activate fully and heats properly. The result is a strong solder joint you can rely on when preparing a site. The iron itself is completely Lead free and is compliant with RoHS regulations. The design makes it possible to avoid making it necessary to use high temperatures as you might find in other Lead free solders. Thermal loading is recovered from faster and heat is maintained easier with this solder iron. We look forward to filling your order for the Pace TD-100 whenever you visit our online catalog. You will find that at Kimco, we not only provide the best equipment, but we offer great service as well. From the easy to navigate website to the speedy order fulfillment, you will be finished with the ordering process quickly. You will also have the assurance that because we keep everything in stock that your order will be off to you as soon as possible. We are excited about filling your order today so you can get your new soldering iron soon.
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