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    Get in Control with Pace MT-100 6010-0148 IntelliHeat MiniTweez Soldering Handpiece

    Workers often get tired when working on small devices. Using regular tweezers can be tumultuous. The spring as well as the grip can be difficult to hold and tough on the hand. The Pace MT-100 is different. Workers will be able to work with relative ease when using this tool. Even small objects will not seem like a difficult endeavor whenever using this item. It is the reason why you will be able to find this along with so many other great products whenever you are visiting our catalog at Kimco. The PACE MT-100 6010-0148 IntelliHeat MiniTweez Soldering Handpiece allows you to feel completely comfortable no matter what you are working on. The soft grip allows you to easily hold onto the tweezers even while working on small objects. The unique design helps to reduce fatigue by mimicking the action of the human hand. The removable hand piece allows you to use the components for many different tasks at once. Works well to remove a host of different SMD’s. Work is finished fast and with ease thanks to the ability to work with even the commonly tiny compenents that are customary for the modern compact high thermal mass PCB’s. The Pace MT-100 is available right now through our catalog at Kimco along with all your soldering needs from nozzles to fume extraction systems. We offer this and all of your other soldering needs. Take your time when looking through our easy to navigate catalog. We proudly offer all of the biggest names so that you can get the quality you need to get more done. We look forward to filling your order fast and effectively. We keep most items in stock at all times, so chances are that your complete order will ship out the same day you place the order.
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