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    Rework and Soldering with the PACE PS-90 6010-0150-P1 IntelliHeat Universal Soldering Iron

    Heavy-duty soldering takes a skilled hand. This is required for devices which have to be sturdy and have a slight amount of flexibility to them. The Pace PS-90 can help any operator to do this kind of work a lot easier. The use of the soldering iron makes it possible to work in a variety of ranges. You can complete work which is made to last longer so that you are called on more often to complete work for clients. You will find this and everything else you need whenever you visit our site at Kimco. The PACE PS-90 6010-0150-P1 IntelliHeat Universal Soldering Iron is reliable for a variety of temperature ranges. The soldering iron is recommended for use with the IntelliHeat Systems only. It can handle not only soldering, but rework for SMT operations as well. This general purpose soldering iron allows you to get more work done without having to purchase a variety of different soldering irons. It makes it highly economical to have just the one soldering iron rather than several as it does the job all the others are capable of doing as well. You can find the Pace PS-90 along with a variety of other soldering irons, soldering stations and accessories when you visit our pages at Kimco. Whether you are searching for soldering stations or simply soldering iron and pencil stands, our full catalog offers everything you need to stay productive and profitable. We value your time and make sure that you get everything you need so that you will be able to get your order as quickly as possible. We make sure to ship your order out as fast as possible because we keep all of our products in stock at all times. We are eager to get started on filling your order today.
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