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    Put A Clean Look to your Electrical Components With Weller Solder Irons

    When it comes to working with electrical components there is a need for quality soldering with a clean finish. By using Weller solder irons, like those found at Kimco, you can put that clean finish on your project, but also solder the components together without damaging any other parts. Soldering is a delicate operation in which you use high, focused, heat to melt metal solder to join to pieces of metal. This is typically used in electrical components, circuit boards, solar panels, and even microwave applications. It is important to have a trust in your soldering equipment to do the job correct the first time without damaging other components on the part. Weller solder irons have been tested through the years and been proven highly trustworthy. For example, Kimco carries several Weller solder irons that reach high temperatures, but they are focused on one small area. The Weller WSP150 ESD-Safe Heavy Duty Iron is a popular item. This soldering iron reaches temperatures up to 850 degrees with 150W. It is used in many applications, and the electrical industry, for assembling everything from HAM radios to large sonar arrays. If you are looking for quality soldering irons, then Kimco has the line you should be looking at. The Weller solder irons at the Kimco online catalog are not only affordable, but will help to put a clean solder onto your components. There are several choices from soldering pencils, soldering guns, and soldering irons in different sizes, wattages, and temperatures. Also, at the Kimco site are other soldering accessories that also carry low prices with high quality.
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